Monday, November 16, 2015

HGUC 1/144 RX-178 Gundam Mk-II (REVIVE) - New Images & Release Info [Updated 11/16/15]

HGUC 1/144 RX-178 Gundam Mk-II (REVIVE) 
(Release Date: Nov 2015, Price: 1620 yen)

[Updated 11/16/15] *NEW* 

[Updated 11/5/15]
Image via Sunrise Rights Twitter

[Updated 11/5/15]

[Updated 11/2/15]

[Updated 11/2/15] *NEW*

[Updated 10/24/15]

[Updated 10/14/15] 

[Updated 9/26/15]

[Updated 9/8/15]

[Updated 9/2/15] 

[Updated 8/27/15]

[Updated 7/25/15] 

[Updated 5/20/15]


  1. Just in time for Zeta Gundam's 30th anniversary!

  2. I quite like the look of it, though I do hope it is compatible with the parts to make the Super Gundam, as well as the Build Mk II. If that is just plastic and not painted, 3 colors on the bazooka is pretty nice, definitely something the old kit would have envied.

  3. My only complaint is that the legs look a tad too thick. I don't like skinny mobile suits but trimming the "calf muscles" just a little would have made the proportions better.

  4. What does it mean by 'REVIVE?'

    1. Certain kits get "remastered" to match the new standards for model kits today. Basically, these kits get upgraded from their original versions. You'll see better proportions, greater articulation, etc.

  5. If buy the old Super Gundam for the G-defenser... There better not be a P-Bandai REVIVED version of it!

  6. Having owned the old kit, the biggest most welcome update in the REVIVE version for me is the legs. The old kit have the leg armor join together at the middle, which means the seam line is so noticeable from the front. Removing the seam line is also really tricky because there are parts that cannot be taken off before you glue the parts then sand it down, and you have to mask these parts out when painting. This flaw even extend to the HG Build Gundam Mk.II version.

  7. they should make a devil gundam revive, imho...


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