Friday, September 5, 2014

RE/100 MSN-04 II Nightingale - Manual & Runners Review by Kenbill

RE/100 MSN-04 II Nightingale (Release Date: Sep 2014, Price: 8,640 Yen)


Manual & Runners Review by Kenbill


  1. Its got a good hand set. They're used in some MG kits right?

  2. I am a huge Mono-Eye kit fan but for some reason I have absolutely no interest in getting this kit or any of the other RE kits.

  3. This looks like a HGUC kit, especially like the 1/144 scale Neo Zeong that I finished up a few weeks back, than any MG kit. Still, this is a must buy.

  4. Well its like 1990s MG's are back. The inner frame is super simple. To be honest this model has less movable parts than B Club resin jointed kit from the 1990's. The hidden manipulators are molded in one piece so they cannot hold the beam sabers(tomahawk). Also looking at the runners there are no beam saber handles. At least its got sazabis emotion manipulators....

    Now i need a few days to wonder if i should cancel my preorder or not...

  5. looks like a giant brick...


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