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1/144 ZGMF-X222Nya Nyaia Gundam Resin Conversion Kit - Release Info [Updated 9/5/14]

1/144 ZGMF-X222Nya Nyaia Gundam Resin Conversion Kit 

This conversion kit is to be used with the HG 1/144 Gaia Gundam (Gundam Seed)

*Featured & sold at Chara: C3 x Hobby 2014 (Japan) on Aug 23rd - 24th, 2014

[Updated 9/5/14] *NEW*
Images via Yellowsubmarine Blog

[Updated 8/26/14]

[Updated 8/23/14] 

[Updated 8/20/14] 

[Updated 8/16/14] *NEW*

[Updated 8/13/14] 

[Updated 8/11/14]

[Updated 8/6/14] 

[Updated 7/6/14]


  1. *SQUEEL* I want one! no... I want TWO!
    How am I to get one if I can't get to C3? ;_;

  2. *SQUEELFLAIL* I WANT THREEE!!!....I HAVE soooo many customs in my head right now...XD

  3. I/'ve been wonder why Bandai didn't release this kit properly, this is a killing machine for cat lovers like me XD

  4. Just wait for the Third Party company to plastic this kit...

    I hope ;w;

  5. wow, It looks just like my sis' 13th Fortune gundam in this fanfic

  6. That is a much better box art. Very colorful showing the cuteness of the kitten mode. I wish I could see the Gundam mode too, but it would take attention away from the kitten. The model itself is also good. Great job.


  8. i hope we get a normal relaease of this unit...

  9. OK so new era gundam are all about lolita girl piloting one, immature boy riding one and most important we need the animal gundam, the cat available now, the dog, the turtle, the lizard gundam and even more your average CUTE gundam or wait!! Lets mix around some gundams from old with new one and vice versa...And let's not forget to build one gigantic mecha for a bad guy so the good guy can show off how easily this gigantic pile of metal are nothing more than a shooting target...Great idea!...From Anonymous2

    1. >implying this kit is canon or relevant to any plotlines
      >implying Gundam is not already full of shonen protagonists
      >implying the Gundam franchise isn't targeted towards teenagers and young adults

      Get real buddy.

  10. New era Gundam is about "immature boy riding one" "And let's not forget to build one gigantic mecha for a bad guy so the good guy can show off how easily this gigantic pile of metal are nothing more than a shooting target"

    ......What Gundam are you watching that makes you think that's new?! That shit's been going on since Amuro, Kamille, AND Judau, the original three series' protagonists.

    1. What are you on Anon (August 20 5.24pm)?
      You do know what series this is from right? Incase you don't know, Build Fighters, not the animation, the manga. And I don't need to say no more about it. Look it up before you rant on.

      Now, so far... EVERY series has a protagonist you described. Its not new, its been pointed out by another Anon already.
      Giant, Robots? That's been happening all over every mecha show. Oh, UC Unicorn has Neo Zeon too, Rant on that.

      And relax dude, its a kit that is not mass produced. Who you won't even see in stores. And it certainly won't even try and force you to buy it.

  11. D-d-does anyone k-know any website s-selling this p-p-part set?

  12. What the hell bandi doing to gundam.... now days gundam is made for kindergarten Kids
    Cat gundams, fairy dust Gundams...

  13. I want one! \ :v /

  14. Where can buy this?Nyaia gundam?
    I'm Malaysian~

  15. Where can buy this Nyaia gundam?
    I'm Malaysian


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