Wednesday, October 31, 2012

PS3: Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation - New Screenshots

PS3: Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation
Game Released On: Jun 28th, 2012
Platform: Playstation 3
Cost: Free of charge, some pay-per-item scheme will be implemented
Age: 12 and up
Pricing Scheme Detailed: HERE
Infantry Gameplay Detaled: HERE
Promo Videos: HEREHERE

Earth Federation MS in Action!  
Anyone still playing this game?  Share your recent game experience with us.


  1. I have finally obtained both the S-Type and G-Type Gelgoogs, as well as the Acguy. Now I'm looking forward for the Dom Tropen.

    Currently the campaign for some ranged MS, the Zaku Cannon Commander Type and Guncannon SML, is taking place. My main complain from the previous update is that the Guncannon SML had its speed stat boosted all the way to 140, while its Zeon counterpart, the Zaku Cannon Commander Type still has a speed of only 95. On the other hand, the missile launchers from both untis have been severaly downgraded, particularly their firing speed. As it is right now I just can't recommend anyone to use the Zaku Cannon Commander Type. Sadly, cost wise it is supposed to be Zeon's second best ranged MS, just behind the 3-star rare Gelgoog G-Type (Zaku Cannon Commander Type is only 1-star rare), but in its current form it doesn't live up to that title.

    I'm still hoping that Zeon will eventually get some more decent ranged MS, as well as more units equipped with beam weapons, particularly general use MS.

  2. how do you wrestle in that game

    1. You must catch a person with a counter tackle, just after they miss with a melee attack. Its one of those things that are awesome when they happen, but don't count on getting it, especially with stateside lag.


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