Sunday, December 4, 2011

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED HD Remaster advance streaming begins December 23rd!! [News via Gundam.Info]

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED is reborn for its 10th anniversary in glorious HD! It will be available before the TV broadcast on Bandai Channel from December 23rd.
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED has been not only converted to widescreen, but also refilmed and reedited, with redrawn animation and remixed music!
The TV airing starts in January, but you can watch episode 1 beginning December 23rd on Bandai Channel, with new episodes arriving once a week.
The URL and exact details will be announced soon on the official site.
Bandai Channel's ¥1,000 Monthly All-You-Can-Watch subscribers can watch from noon on the 23rd until the 1st on their PC, smartphone, or tablet. Episodes 2 and on will also go up every Friday at noon, so be sure not to miss any!
The remasters will also air in HD on BS11 (starting 1/1) and Tokyo MX (starting 1/3). Blu-ray boxsets go on sale in March.
Ring in the new year with Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, reborn in HD!
Info via Gundam.Info


  1. Any word on it being out on DVD or Bluray?
    I have to say 00 and Unicorn surpassed Seed's animation for me, but Seed was more about the story. Then again Seed and Destiny had so many re used scenes.

  2. I'm totally down for this. I may buy the whole series again if they do another box set.

  3. ^^No, 00 and Unicorn are better in terms of quality of the story (Unicorn required 0079 - CCA watched to fully understand the story). What I mean by the "quality" is the message/moral values.
    But I admit it that SEED have better dramatization (thanks to the flashbacks) and storytelling. Not to mention the solidity of the story and all the character are developed nicely (in SEED, not Destiny).

    (P.S. Sorry, bad English)


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