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Kenny Lim (Toymaker)
First the Sandrock comes with lots of markings and he did a pretty good job, neat and tidy. I did not spot any nubs or blemishes either. Overall, a good "straight build" kit. But I think he miss a few panel lines.
Syd Sked (Gaijin Gunpla)
A nice photo showing not only the proportions of the kit but the work that has been done with it. Care has been taken with this kit and its markings and it shows. Not afraid to show us the kit in its entirety which is a must when it comes to a straight build.
A very clean and precise straight build by Henry that answers all of the elements of the competition. Bearing in mind that this competition is firstly about photography, the first thing I look for is a nice shot and that will be the first point of elimination in my judging for those who are interested. The shot is well positioned, well lit, in focus, clear, has a complimentary background colour, and I can see everything I need to see. Clever positioning of your kit to enhance the things you have done well and disguise any mistakes is a good idea.
As for the Gunpla: I mentioned in the judging panel that the kit you choose to enter is your own choice. Ver. Ka kits typically have loads of markings and if you apply them well this is going to be an advantage as it strongly enhances the look of your straight build. Henry has done so in this instance very well. The markings have been applied cleanly and symmetrically and add much to the aesthetic appeal of the final product. I like subtlety in panel lining and whilst I feel this is underdone I would rather see a few left out than an untidy job. Very few visible gate marks and a good static pose round it out. A shining example of a straight build if ever there was one.
HG 1/144 RX-0 Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee (Unicorn Mode)
HG 1/144 RX-0 Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee (Destroy Mode)
5 Random Gundam Markers
$10 GG INFINITE Coupon

Henry Feng
Ivan Wijaya
 Najwan Bin Abdul Rahman
Ching Ken Huo

Dante Ricasata Jr.
Jan Carlo Villanueva
We will be taking entries with the top three scores for our next round of elimiation. And these entries are Henry Feng, Ivan Wijaya, YesWman, & Najwan Bin Abdul Rahman.

Bangun Rizky
Adrian Cheng
Calvin Chen
Chandra I. Arianto
Marty Ren
Daryl Mitra
Sean Perez
Calvin Chen
Gerardo Mares
Hakim Basuki
Jeffrey Olano
Jodel Kagaoan
John Oliver Mateo
Kamil Blaszczak
Kang Pinn Eng
Kevin Alvianto Setiawan
Kevin Ng
Michael Lau
Muhammad Wira Baskoro
Kan Vu Lai
Neo Wie Xuan
Pavel Golovanov
Phuah Kit Teng
Rahmat Ramadhani
Ramiro Armenta
Sam Syarif
 Samuel Yeoh
 Spiel Tan
 Tay Chin Yang
 Vincent Bosmans
Wee Guanwei
 Wibi Gunawan
Prapwita Haqq
 Yasuo Arakaki
 Yudi Hardimulya
Arlene Isaac
Aga Bonn Christian Bajet
 Adrian Wijaya
 Aldrin Bison
 Allen James Villanueva
 Allen  Greyt
 Amos Tay
 Anna Lim
 Lim Qin Kai
 Ardnel Acabado
 Arvin Rupido
 Avicenna H.A.
 Billy Wong
 Brandon Chung
 Carlo Ching
 Chris Lakin
 Christopher Torres
 Daniel Angelo Estrella
 Danny Chen
 Dante Ricasata Jr.
 Mohamad Dinie Bin Muzafar
 Douglas M Chin
Earl P. Villa
Ed Palao
 Eduardo Cevallos
 Eko Haryanto
Elmert Rabadan 
 Erick Gomez
 Ernest Zarzuela
 Felix Herrera
 Francis Edward Delima
 Frederick Eusebio
 Frederico Leandrou
 Gabriel Jimenez
 Mohd Hashim
 Henry Feng
Hethler de Chavez 
 How Shu Sheng
 Rodolfo Calpo
 Jan Michael Co
 Jan Carlo Villanueva
 Jason Lester Plasabas
 Jimmy Bautista
 John Markham
 Joseph Minenko
 Joshua David C. Pilande
 Joshua Cho
Joshua Mari Guinoo
 Kamal Hamdi
 Dylan Lim
 Kevin Heung
 Kevin Christomo
 Kevin Marsoul
 Kevin Rett
 Kevin Sun
 Kevin Wijaya
 Ching Kien Huo
 Ki Tong
 Kristopher Advincula
 Levin Lim
 Chong Lian Jiun
 Manuel R. Carmen
 Martin Balm
 Maynard De Guzman
Mior Hezri
 Muhammad Alif Wajdi Bin Mohtar
 Mahd Mustaqqin
 Mohd Nazrul Zahir Mohd Azahar
 Nguyen Thai Anh
 Nichols Sayson
 Nick Izumi Bergenske
Paulo Robert Sumera
 Chat Diablo
 Raymond Guevara
 Rebecca Bajet
 Reza Pandu Aji
 Rezha Hardrocker
 Rodel 'Hod Rod' Cruz
 Roy Librata Widjaja
 Ryan Sebastian Tamasoleng
 Sean King E. Beniga
 Sabastian Guiterrez
 Shinn Andrian Utama
 Syed Mohn Safwan
 Tau Ning Tan
 Teh Tian Hong
 Ting Fung Yip
 Tommy Lee
 Tony Fang
 Truman Hwa Sanderson
 Trung Vo
 Voon Wai Kuen
 Wai Lum Li
 Wandah Kuniawan
 William Lee
 Yoedi Yang
 Yudha Pratama Sudadi
Lukas Aris
Jhossue Jimenez
Alex Mcnally
Brandon Motteram
Cherdass Dunamos Anak Louis
Jethro Marigza
Michal Lamch
Mohamad Nazrul Azri Mohamad Jani
M. Rezha Sudiar
Thomas Zhuang
Brain Madya Narendra
James Ryan Lustro
Buruk Rupa 'Ariyadi'
 Carl Henry Villanos
Carolyn 'Rena Innocenti' Langreder
Ho Shern Shuen Dalvin
Dario Bunyi Tibay
 Henry Oscario
Ivan Wijaya
Kemn Aubrey Sugapong
Ng Tech Koon
Rewin Rock Rey D. Mendiola
Roslan Japar
 Trevor Lai
Fabian Tersan
Gideon Goh
Dylan Hong
Kim Brian Almariego
Mathias Appel
Muhd Hafizul
Najwan Bin Abdul Rahman
Poirot P
Todd Millhouse
Tommy Ho
*Submission is still open, and we will be contiually updating images for this categroy*


  1. WOW! There's no doubt the first image of Astray Red frame is AWESOME! ^^

  2. i thought panel line / stickers (included with kit) are allowed on straight build, but no painting.. isn't the Red Frame (1st entry above and the other one) has its hands painted white? or is it ok then?

  3. the red frame has paint in the fingers they come moulded in red tisk tisk (the one at the start

  4. wat about other category???

  5. its true. the astray kai up there is partially painted!

  6. Good catch guys, that one got by us. It will be disqualified, and will be notifying the owner of that kit.

    We will take that one off this post.

  7. thanks. it was just a very minor paintjob but its still not really in the spirit of this category.

  8. The Destiny should also be disqualified. Look closely at the boomerang vents, the handle of the Arondite sword, the hydrolic pipes in the ankles and the grey parts of the wings, they're all painted. Compared it in's unpainted review.

  9. I'm as confused as the rest of you :P
    I thought painting wasn't allowed at all :o

  10. Can you do panel lining and it still be able to win?

  11. There is no need to be confused, as we are enforcing the no paint allow rule (except for panel linking w/ gundam marker). And we do apologize that some of the non-qualify kits made it pass our initial review. But they will be taken out of the competition.

  12. How do submit photos?

  13. Submit to
    Be sure to read the rules first from our previous post:

  14. It's great to to see the community being ever-vigilant about details. Something tells me they're make for harsher judges though :P

  15. i think the pg astray's finger come in partially white

  16. yes, it's PG astray and part fingers are pre-painted red and white

  17. Hmm... where is my entry?

  18. yeah don't disqualify that! that's a PG, not MG guys. fingers on that are partially painted white

  19. is the red line on crossbone face a paint ?
    or a decal ? or gundam marker ?

  20. Thought we're being too busy to assess the detail of the participant's work based on the rules, and we finally lose the spirit of the "straight build" itself. Just my 2 cents, actually lining using gundam marker, pencil, or brush-washing is essentially the same activity (basically the gundam marker contains the enamel ink). As long as there is no paint used to color the parts and no additional decals, IMO it still can be considered as a straight built. But yeah rule is the rule, and the GG Team should've worked real hard to engage this contest, thank you GG ^^

  21. Uuh...guys? That Astray Red Frame is a PERFECT GRADE and the finger is ALREADY come in red-white color scheme, therefore there's no need to disqualified the participant! Please CHECK AGAIN before you accused someone.

  22. here's a photo from Dalong's review to further convince you all:

    please GG don't make a mistake just because something like this

  23. Najwan's entry awsome!

  24. yeap, the crossbone looks good as a straight build!

    yea, that astray is a PG guys, the proportion and gerbera straight design is different PG is bulkier than the MG, and it has a different backpack also. Dont disqualify it!

  25. Hey gg, are sharpies allowed in the straight build category?

  26. why are there bases on the OOB category ain't that against the rules?

  27. are there still some photos in this category that arent uploaded onto this page yet?

  28. i should enter this one..

  29. Because it's confusing the heck out of people...

    There were *2* Astrays.

    The Astray Kai with the painted fingers was already removed.

    The current Astray PG is a different entry, and is not disqualified.

  30. I hope Team GG will soon upload the new entries... =D

  31. what if a person wins in multiple categories....?

  32. Dear GG, i've been waiting for the last update, just really need to know if my submission was passed or not? When will you update the entries submitted? Hope it will be soon, pls ^^

  33. Wheres the hg titus i submitted?

  34. where is my hg GNX III? did it pass?

  35. I think the Harute one is not just a "straightbuild", is it?

  36. to everyone who doesnt see their entry: ITS NOT THERE YET. the only time you should be VERY SURE that it does not pass is when you get an email from GG

  37. GG,i know you've been very, but could you please at least give us the name list of passed submissions? Just to make sure to all of us participants here if we did pass or not. And in case we didn't pass, maybe we still have a chance to send another submission... there's no much time left.

  38. the crossbone's scars are painted in..i believe so cause there are no red finetip gundam marker..and i'm not really sure but it looks like it's flat coated..i G.G should investigate this i think.just to be fair with everyone..:)

  39. Hello Mr.GG, where is my gm cannon 2?
    i already send it yesterday...

  40. think that hundred of submission from all over the world are now being checked by GG Team, so ... please be patient, folks :)

  41. Wow, this year's competition got a more strict rules hahaha. :D Many great entries here.

  42. there is a red real touch gundam marker....

  43. Axel Willyandre RaharjaDecember 29, 2011 at 9:39 PM

    Am I not Qualified???

  44. Do not just because of somethings unessential, then we disqualify the work that is actually really good and deserved to win.

  45. Dat Cross Bone TT^TT it's a beautiful kit


  47. Agreed with anon on wing gundam.

  48. Hey guys I want to ask you a question especially those who had submitted: are you permitted to do different post for photo extra 1 and 2? thank you very much for the answer :)

  49. different post?you mean different picture?just put extra picture from different angle or something like that would do imo.

  50. ah sorry my bad, I mean different pose >.<; sorry I'm such in a rush so I didnt check it again >.<

  51. yea,you can i think.

  52. thanks! I will work at it now

  53. my photo is not posted am I disqualified? T,T

  54. Happy New Year everybody :). Cheers...
    Btw GG, I haven't seen my submission yet >_<.
    When will the work of all participants who passed the pre-eliminary selection be displayed here?

  55. Hi Guys, Sorry for not being able to catch up with all the comments posted here. We had recieve a lot of entries this past week, so is going to take time to process them all, and we will be continously doing that today straight into the new year. Please be a bit more patient with us.

    Thanks guys and Happy New Year.

  56. the RG aile strike looks awesome..feels like it's a winner..:D though it would have been better if it was a full body shot..kinda miss the point of the whole "straight build" theme, which, for me, the viewers should see the "whole" gundam so that they could see really how well the kit is built..nevertheless, great picture..:D some entries seem to have painted parts/details in them, the crossbone ang wing gundam.though i'm not sure on this..

  57. The Unicorn Gundam with the teal colored V-Fin is painted....

  58. it is not painted that's the HG unicorn destroy mode ANA edition. Witch you could only buy it in ANA

  59. i have sent my gundam for this categories and not yet seen it in the list.. am i being rejected?

  60. Hi,i sent my entry which is hg titus but was disqualified as the file was too big so i sent another which is rg freedom gundam but i do not see it here am i disqualified?

  61. Chessanova entry is not qualified because he doesnt use the out of the box decals

  62. i dont see my entry in this update,
    did i don't make it??
    am i disqualified??

  63. Kevin, if you haven't received any email from them, then your entry is pretty much still part of the contest :)

  64. Doesn't that astray blue frame at the top have painted fingers?

  65. Notice that decal on Jan Carlo Villanueva's MG Infinite Justice Gundam is not the original decal or sticker from the kit (look at the left skirt).

  66. Mine isn't here yet :(, meanwhile there's one participant come up twice (Rheza Hardrocker and M. Rheza Sudiar apparently are the same person, or they submitted the same image :)).

  67. What kind of beam saber does that Extreme Gundam have? The one in the kit is a plain blue piece, handle and all, and that looks like a clear blue one with a white handle.

  68. @Anon: that kit has a lot of extra dry transfer's up to you where to put it..G.G. didn't mention anything about placing them exactly where the manual tells you long as the decals are included in the kit, everything inside the kit qualifies.:)

  69. is the deadline for the submission of entries extended?

    Posted by G.G.
    We are going to be updating this post with the images of your entires. For more info about G-Shot Photo Contest 2011, please view HERE. We are still accepting entry submission until the end of the month, so keep them coming guys. "

  70. the blue frame's fingers are painted..

    the first seven sword from the top, it has lines painted all over it..replacement for decals maybe?

    i think the gray parts/details on the Virtue up there is on the legs, shoulders..

  71. @Anon: the decals on my Infinite Justice is from the decal sheet that comes with the kit..there are spare decals, a lot actually..i just placed them to my liking..i didn't follow exactly where the manual tells me to put the decals's not against the rules as long as the decals used comes with the kit.:)

  72. The MG Sandrock EW has the gripping area of the Heat Shotel painted in Gold and Yellow. So is part of the shield..

  73. I don't think they're trying very hard. About 25% or more of these kits have paint applied. Heck, a few have parts from other kits.

  74. Hey, why my entry showed up twice??? was my first email sent to you GG? because when I sent it, it was failed. the connection was cut out that time.

  75. oh boy, let's see here...
    the blue frame's fingers are painted, Michael Angelo Manlapaz's sandrock has paint on the shortels, Ng Tech Koon's SF has gold lining on the dragoons, Chessanova's 00 has decals that never came with it, Thomas Zhuang's Wing Gundam has clear green paint on the sensor and shield, and Najwan Bin Abdul Rahman's crossbone gundam has painted red lines on the sides of the head. Might be more, but I'm not gonna bother looking further

  76. Looks like a lot of entries for this category. GG and his boys probably don't have the time to really look into the fine details. Well anyways, I personally think that a little paint here and there wouldn't really make a lot of difference. And if we as critical as the anonymous above, then that really takes the fun out of the everything. Just my 2 cents. Hope to me my entries get posted soon.

  77. G.G. stated in one of his comment under competition post

    "M: Only panel lining is allowed for straight build category. You may use any marker color for panel lines."

    hope that will clear the argument about colored panel lining.

  78. I never noticed the comment about colored panel lines, so i apologize. However, team GG did state that they want to enforce the no paint rule

  79. to the Annonymous ^^ thats the reason why they post it here to let us help them check we are their "eyes"

  80. i can't seem to find my entry which was posted here before. was it disqualified? if so why? i followed all the rules :(

    entry was an HG 00 Raiser. anyway, GL to all participants :)

  81. Damn, lots of really good entries this time! I especially like Rizky's Strike, Chen's Exia, and Hezri's RX. Sayson's AGE is a really good one, too. The really shows off the dynamic nature of the kit—really makes me want to pick one up! Best of luck to all the competitors! You all deserve to win!

  82. @Crimson Comet: Under what email / name did you submit your entry with? I hope we didn't accidentally removed your image.

  83. Marty Ren 00 Quanta Entry NOT QUALIFIED the Full Saber is not included in the box.

  84. cool extreme gundam Dustin Lyne the beam saber is nicely painted

  85. hi GG, i think the update did the trick.
    i am now able to see my entry thanks! :)

    - crimson comet

  86. YES!!!I SEE MINE wat a mess my table is....

  87. Every Gunpla is best straight built out of the box. Congratulations for the winners of this segment.

  88. I Agree..!! the extreme's beam saber painted with clear blue and the handle painted white..
    check it out

  89. I'm curious why there are 2 "Calvin Chen" :D

  90. Marty Ren's Quanta use optional part GN full saber & green ring(i dont know whats the name)??
    is that allowed??

  91. some of the entries seems to have a flat top coat.. like Wibi Gunawan's.. correct me if i'm wrong

  92. hg zeta painted white on the upper backpack.
    only mg zeta have white on upper backpack.

  93. yey! i saw my entry ^^

  94. no the extreme gundam comes with a stuuupid toothpick and he painted the beam :/

  95. So many RG Aile Strike.. (*~*)

  96. @anonymous 4 posts above

    What are you talking about? That's not hg zeta...

    You can tell it's an mg just by looking at the jointed hands.

  97. @anon : My Hazel wasn't top coated yet, believe me. That's probably because i used a little light on when taking the picture. But actually it took me a lot of time to sand almost the whole parts of this kit, to make it less shiny. I also gave my best efforts to remove any seam lines and trim the sticker decals. I think I'm quite happy with the outcome :). Rgrds.


  98. @kevin goh. Hah, So many Calvin Chen in the world, not suprised, i have a fren called Kelvin Chen and a Calvin Tan. I think they are different people as the quality of their pictures are so different, The Trans-Am Exia is 0.0 whereas the 00 is meh~

  99. Yep, Calvin's Exia has a great shot there, the dynamic feel, the focus & lighting.

  100. Why does everyone have to keep being so critical and pointing out all the little flaws and things that wouldn't qualify's someone model for the contest? If you're a submitter yourself, then finding flaws in other people's submissions just so you have a better chance at winning is downright dishonerable.

    It's up to team G.G. in the end, but I personally don't think a little dab of paint here and there will really make a difference. Or if they used some different decal or touched it up somewhat. It's not like it's a completely different model or it's been customized to become a completely original, stunning kit.

  101. This year's contest doesn't really bring "Straight Build" much justice...
    There's no category for model kits that have the stock color and look "straight built" but have been detailed up with paint. Like the older SEED and Wing HG kits. If we have those kits, we can only submit them without painting the shoulders of the HG Strike gray or painting in the HG Heavyarms Custom's clown mask? :(

  102. that's why there's so many rg here :), doesn't need too much effort to make those models looks good lol ... maybe in the next contest GG should consider to make sub category of straight built dependence of the kit's grade, that means more prizes for this contest :p

  103. if only I had a better camera --"

  104. @the 4th anon from the bottom..

    team G.G. made the rules.not's only fair to follow them..what's the point of having/setting those rules if the contestants won't even follow them?

    i just think that it would be fair for those who followed the rules to have a better chance of winning than those who didn' that would be very unfair, if the winner didn't even follow the "no paint and waterslide decals" rule..since it's the point of having the best "straight built" kit, meaning everything must come from the kit..

  105. agreed..a "little" paint will make a whole lot difference..that's why team G.G. didn't allow it..

  106. Agreed ... and i admire the one who puts his/her best efforts to make his/her model kit looks good even without painting. Yes, we 're talking 'bout the very basic modelling technique here ; clean cutting part from the sprue, sanding, remove seam-lines, panel-lining, and sticker/decal placement. GL to all participants and many thanks to GG Team.

  107. Just like all the others who have posted this, the Extreme Gundam has a painted handle...

  108. yes..that's the point of team pick the one that looks great straight out of the box, the one that looks great even without paint..:D

  109. agreed.. it only fair to all the contestant to follow rules just like other.. little paint job really make lot of different..

  110. anyone knows when will the judges pick the awards?

  111. I emailed team gg and go a response that they are still enforcing the no paint rules, and I did see that some entries had been taken out. =) Keep the rules!

    I thought they already selected the prizes, is in the main Gshot post.

  112. yay for the rules..:D

    does the realtouch markers qualify as a tool for panel lining?cause from what i understood, finetip gundam markers are the only markers that are actually made for panel lining, the realtouch markers can be used for painting details, not just panel lining..if so, those with small colored details used realtouch markers and not finetip gundam markers cause i believe there are only three colors for the finetip markers, black, gray and brown..

  113. Just wondering, is it fair to compare the straight built kit from various grade (HG, RG, MG, and even PG) in the same class of category?

  114. i think is ok to compete within various of grade since if i not mistaken what the judges see is the clean, tidy of the straight build and the lining.

  115. Citrus @ 1-jan 11.36 PM;
    thank you for the compliment. i personally admire the picture of Nguy SF. the lighting, hi quality camera and the pose itself. there's a lot of good pictures here, and hopefully GG will choose the best of it. cheers, good luck & have fun.

    -mior hezri-

  116. In my opinion, the picture quality indeed is taken into consideration, but the main point of assessment is the model kit itself. The final work reflects the efforts of the modeller (ranging from cutting parts, sanding, seamlines removing, panel lining, and decal placement), and yeah of course it could only be proven through a decent picture quality :).

  117. I think there should be a standard requirement for straight build photos.
    Like, a standing full body photo + closeup detail shots. Kinda like gunpla promo images XD

    It would be better for judging the skill of the modeller. Straightbuild shouldn't be about who can make the coolest poses or the prettiest pictures (Hey,those have their own category)

  118. Found a violation! :O

    Brandon's RG Strike...
    The vents on the front skirts are painted black. It should be light gray like the upper half of the skirt.

  119. Now, everyone's checking out the other contestant's RG's front skirt lol...

  120. Anonymous @ January 4, 2012 11:57 PM ;

    yeah..all those efforts only can be proven in a decent quality pictures.

    Anonymous @ January 5, 2012 1:23 AM ;

    - coolest poses or the prettiest pictures DOES have advantages. especially who can build the kit nicely.
    - we never know what kind of pictures the contestant was submit for pic extra1 and extra2. the only displayed here only the main picture. So, definitely contestant will show other angles of their model, to show judges the quality of their own straight-build skill. IMO only. cheers..

  121. to G.G. and Judges...

    Hmm, just noticed something, the Crossbone by Najwan Bin Abdul Rahman looks like it has flatcoated, cause I have this crossbone ver ka too, and it really looks different, from the texture, color, it looks flatcoated or topcoated, plus look at the ends of core fighters, the yellow bits near the booster, it doesn't look like stickers, but looks painted, I might be wrong but, can you double check it, cause it will be unfair for all of those who entered the contest. Thanks

  122. Next year there should be some consideration into separating by grade. Straight Build is for beginners but the first round elimination guys are all Master Grades, Real Grades and even a perfect grade. Aside from SD Unicorn, it looks to me like beginners might as well not even enter.

  123. nope,its not top coated.this picture might not clearly shows it because of the lightning and the cape didnt help neither.still the other extra pics i sent have the whole body shown without he cape and he still have its plastic shininess.heck,i can still show it if you want.i still have it as it is as in the picture.=P
    btw good luck to the others.may the best wins.


  124. It looks like they're judging this based on presentation O__o

  125. Looks like people are still complaining, or accusing other's gunpla kit of this & that... lol this is all for fun...stop being so faggish. Why so serious.... lol

  126. i'm a bit confused, cause there are seven pictures there but underneath it, it only says four names from the seven pictures..does that mean the bottom three are already eliminated?
    please answer team G.G..:D

  127. Yes the PG Strike Gundam by Ching Ken Huo is on a Photoshop Website from 2010 I cant see the other pictures he Sent of the Kit But you should get More Info on it. its looking to me like he found it online and just sent it in thanks for Looking in to it G.G


  129. Semi-Gloss clear coat. Almost indistinguishable from real plastic. Hides plastic swirls and minor blemishes. You're welcome.

  130. Somewhat disappointing .. I see that the judges selected based only on pure straight built kit (no lining, adjusting & trimming decal, or fixing seam lines), which means ignoring the efforts of the other participants who have worked hard and spent lots of time to do those things. Btw congratulations to the participants who have passed the preliminary round. Good luck :).

  131. @Anonymous above: On what do you base your comment? We don't even know why they choose those kits yet. Is more disappointing that people make baseless claims...

  132. This comment has been removed by the author.

  133. Well done why dont we all get something since we entered the competition? GG

  134. Hi this is henry feng! Sorry guys just grow up and accept defeat!

  135. good work henry. could the judges probably give some feedback on the other kits that made it to the final selection perhaps? i'm curious what your opinions are on the finalists.

  136. Henry feng: I think the finalists are great and did a good job on the models, I didnt know I was going to win this competition at all. Anyways cant wait for my Black Unicorns :D

  137. Congrats Henry Feng! And to all my co-nominees, good job :D

    Building gunplas are sure fun.
    Winning a prize is just a bonus :)


  138. Axel Willyandre RaharjaJanuary 10, 2012 at 5:06 AM

    @Henry Feng
    CONGRATS Henry Feng,that very nice Gunpla Photo.... How you can make the clean markings without dulls or something... I just want to know..

  139. "Sorry guys just grow up and accept defeat!"
    ----yeah.what a winner..:)

    also to Team G.G., i agree with the comment above, can you guys show us the comments on the first elimination?like how you picked the seven finalists..:)

  140. so in order to win this competition you'll have to get a master grade, because it has decals and clear stickers,isn't it? I think it's unfair for those who had post pictures of their HG because it doesn't come with decals although the pictures are taken well..
    Gundam Guy, the next time that you'll make a straight build competition I think you should divide them into different categories, like straight build HG, straight build MG or straight build PG. that's all...

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