Monday, August 29, 2011

RG 1/144 ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam @ C3 x Hobby 2011 [LARGE IMAGES]

RG 1/144 ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam (Release Date: Nov 2011, Price: 2500 yen)
Take a closer look at the upcoming RG Freedom Gundam with all the intricate details.
Images from Gtoys Blog


  1. This kit reminds me of the old Wing HG kits. I understand that it's supposed to be more detailed, but the panel lining almost looks forced, especially on the rail guns and lower legs.

    It looks good overall, and I'll probably get it, but I think it would look better with less panel lines.

  2. I think I would agree with you, Anon, but I guess the counterpoint would be asking you (or others) this: If it didn't have as many separate armor pieces/panel lines, would it look like a scaled-down representation of what a Mobile Suit would look like in real life? From what I understand of the advertising, I believe that's one of the aims of the Real Grade series. Since they seem to be continuing on, I doubt they'd scuttle the premise and find another way to sell cheaper "MGs in 1/144 scale" anytime soon.

  3. Without the detail, it wouldn't be RG, you don't want a toy-look, you want a proper kit look. If you put the decals on there, it would all look alright...

  4. I think most would still view it as having a toy look, given what Gundam mecha generally looks like. Those outside would think, "Eh, more dinky-looking Transformers.", even with MGs and RGs (especially when presented without being panel-lined). And in an era where figures of characters are being crafted to look like a miniaturization of real people, I think the mindset would still prevail. So, what's the point of worrying about such a look?

  5. It seems there are no sliding mechanisms for the biceps, triceps and quadriceps areas... Maybe the bright coloured parts like the blue and red could be more in a pale hue to give a sort of "realistic" look to the model.

  6. When will this be available for pre-order?


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