Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gunpla Builders Beginning G (Part C) - Video & Images

Another action packed episode of Gunpla Builders Beginning G
Watch Gunpla Builders Beginning G (Part C) - HERE
*** Thanks Espada for the link ***


  1. Loved it! Its so campy and awesome at the same time, I nice change of pace from the usually darker and serious tone of the actual series collective.

  2. His new equipment is so overpowered... xD

  3. beginning gundam just went all 00 raiser on everyone. 0:

  4. Ouch! Astray Red Frame got torn to shreds by The-O. "Big"-Zam was hilarious, when they went face-to-face with it, it was easily dispatched with just a kick. The add-on clear parts sure made Beginning Gundam was over-powered with abilities like V2 and Nu


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