Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Newtype Magazine (Oct.) - Gundam Related Scans

A few Gundam related scans from this month's Newtype Magazine (Oct. 09):

Nothing new has been announced for the MSG UC 0096 (Unicorn Gundam) OVA series. The article confirms the major characters to be in the OVA series.

Last month, novelist Harutoshi Fukui confirmed that the 1st OVA episode will include contents from the first two volumns of the novels. Although he mentioned that there will be new ideas exclusively shown in the OVA (which of course is a good thing), most of the OVA will be faithful to the novelized series.

Being a UC fan, I look forward to the continuation of the UC timeline. With UC 0096 just 3 years after the events in the film MSG Char's Counterattack, I eagerly awaits the arrival of next Spring. With a worldwide release in both DVD & Blu-Ray format, you can rest assure I will be getting the Blu-Ray version to get the most out of this long awaited release.

On Oct. 27th, 2009, the first of three Gundam 00 SE OVA will be released in Japan. The first release will incorporate the summarized first season of the series with a bit of new footage. If you check out the image above, you will notice one new footage being Alejandro Corner giving Ribbons Almark (better known as Ribonzu) a nice little hug (yeoh!). But personally I much rather they would include some new fight scenes.
As for the Gundam 00 feature film.... that is still indevelopment. More updates later after I get someone to help me translate the article about it.
Here is a poster of Lock-On Stratos from the magazine.
Images from Newtype (Oct.)


  1. Glad to see them correcting the mistake of Dynames not using Trans-AM

  2. Yeah I can see LockOn in that pic yelling, "Trans-Am-mu!!!"


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