Thursday, December 11, 2008

1/100 OverFlag Customization (A-LAW Flag Revenge) - Part I

My current 1/100 OverFlag custimization project (Part I)

Bascially I will be doing some mods to the 1/100 OverFlag kit. My intent is to redesign components as follows:

1. Two extra wing(antenna) on the head.
2. New shoulders...I like big bulky shoulders. The original shoulder is quite lame.
3. Extension to the existing wing. The extension will be curved upward.
4. New chest to be extended longer then the original chest.
5. GN Drive attach onto the existing flight pack.
6. Customized shield.....never liked the funny spinning shield.
7. Extra boosters and sheldings for the legs.
8. New cover for the lower torso.
9. Maybe......maybe some customization to the existing gun..not sure yet.
10. Custom paint job... to match color of the A-LAW's Ahead.
11. And the most fun part, which I am looking forwad to... I am gonna make custom decals too!!!!

The following are some initial work on the kit & customization mods... More update will follow shortly...


  1. That's unfortunate that no one's commented. WHen it going to be done? It looks awesome =D

  2. I had stopped working on this one for awhile. Will probably finish this after my Astraea is done.

  3. I wanna see how youll do the GN Drive for the flag

  4. what do you use for the modified pieces?

  5. wow.....can't wait to see the flight pack...what type of colour do you use to paint this kit?

  6. i have one...but not that details-___-

  7. NICE!! I was thinkin of doin this once I got an Over flag. Do tell me how you made the new parts

  8. Keep going..keep going! It looks absolutely awesome!

  9. when will this be finished? I have to see this please!!!!

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  13. You just gave an idea for my Batman Overflag!


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