Monday, November 14, 2016

Gundam.Info Poll (Japan): Nu Gundam Voted As Most Popular For Next METAL BUILD Release!

Gundam.Info Poll (Japan): Which METAL BUILD from the Universal Century would you like to see next? recently hosted a poll asking fans which mobile suit they would like to see produce as a METAL BUILD release. 4,136 participants in Japan voted in the poll.  Nu Gundam came in first place as the most voted mobile suit in the poll.  

Would you like to see a METAL BUILD Nu Gundam get an actual release?

Here are the result from the poll:
1st Place: NU GUNDAM
3rd Place:Z GUNDAM
4th Place:ZZ GUNDAM
5th Place:V2 GUNDAM
6th Place:GUNDAM GP01Fb
7th Place:GUNDAM Ez8
8th Place:GUNDAM NT-1
9th Place:GUNDAM


  1. I feel like the ver. Ka MG is already a good enough representation but I understand that that is a kit and not a figure.

  2. looking forwards to the bootleg of this kit...

  3. I'm a fan of Gundam 00. But, I cannot afford to purchase expensive, Metal Build figures.

    But Gundam 00 already has all of the variations out right?

    I guess maybe they could do things like 00 7 Sword/G, 00 QanT Full Saber, 00 Raiser Condenser Type, and 00 QanT ELS? I think then they'll be "complete" since they did do the Exia and all of its variations.

    With Metal Build 00 QanT coming out next, I think we will at least get the Full Saber and Trans Am variants?


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