Friday, September 9, 2016

MG 1/100 Amazing Wing Gundam Zero - Custom Build

MG 1/100 Amazing Wing Gundam Zero - Custom Build

Modeled by Elicia s8921028


  1. This is just painful for me to look at. I'm seeing parts from Proto-Zero, Ver KA, Fenice Rinascita, Tallgeese, Shenlong, Epyon, Strike Rouge Ootori, Blue Frame D...

    I can't imagine scrapping so many MG's for something like this.

  2. "Help me, I've got spinal cancer"

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  4. Clashing colors, cluttered parts, nonsensical decals, this kit definitely fits the description of "Too much".
    If you want to see this kit in a nut shell, just look at the rifle, in just one rifle you got SEVEN different colors, and SEVENTEEN decals (that's just one side). Apply that logic in a whole kit, and you got this build.
    Sorry man, I know it takes you a long time, a lot of money, and really hard work, but you just put too much in this.
    I'll be blunt, this kit is ugly, and overworked. Just reduce the stuff in it, and focus more on small details.

    1. I completely agree. i generally take 1 MG and add little details here and there and just add scratch built weapons


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