Friday, August 12, 2016

HGBC 1/144 Northern Pod - Review by Hobby no Toriko

HGBC 1/144 Northern Pod
(Release Date: Aug 2016, Price: 648 yen)

Review by Hobby no Toriko


  1. How deep is Hobby no Toriko's Pocket?
    that's a lot of X....

  2. So Bandai is clearly trying to make us believe that this Northern pod M.S is just as good as a substitute for original machines like the example of the 12 G bit units or the Air master and Leopard Bit mobile suit units, kinda like the better representation of the Mock units from before at a cheap price around the $6 to $12 price range with hardly any equipment to justify the price. So is it a Yay or Nay from you fellow builders?

    1. Yay because why not? As long you can have fun with it


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