Tuesday, September 27, 2016

HG 1/144 Gundam Barbatos Lupus - Release Info

HG 1/144 Gundam Barbatos Lupus
(Release Date: Oct 2016, prie: 1,080 yen)


Mobile Suit from the 2nd season of Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans

Promo Video

Image via urusai_zs

Images via urusai_zs

Images via urusai_zs


  1. Based on the katakana, shouldn't it be called Lupus instead?

  2. Damn.. its look awesome,thats what we waiting for, i wish this guy released in MG..I REALLY REALLY WISH..

  3. This new armor is even better looking than the high resolution barbatos, saw some Age design there

    1. same designer, you know .. AGE = 00 = IBO

    2. There are two designers, the one who did the main suits is ebikawa and arche and the Thrones is naohiro, so in age I think

    3. Anon 4:31, IBO mecha Designer for the Gundam units is Washio/anotherguy/andanotherguy. Ebikawa mostly designs the Graze units

  4. Mobile suit Fact

    One does not simply, it's looks more like Gundam Build Fighter-ish, i mean it's more closer looks like custom made mobile suit/ Gunpla from GBF. :v IYKWIM, I think need To example for clear detail? Ok

    Lupus Gundam ( Build Barbatos Gundam )

    Type = Custom Made
    Base Gunpla = Gundam Barbatos
    Inspiration = Digimon, Pokemon, LBX,
    Ultraman, Final fantasy
    Kamen Rider, Accel world
    Cross Ange,evangelion, Yu
    Gi Oh,dragon Ball....

    Gunpla Inspiration/ and another: Knight Gundam, Gundam, Build Gundam, Amazing Gundam, Full Armor Knight Gundam, Gundam Unicorn, Knight Unicorn, Stargazer Gundam, Build Strike Gundam, Build Burning Gundam, LBX achilles, Lbx Odin, Lbx Achilles D9, LBX perseus and elysion, Omnimon, villkiss, Eva, final.

    Characteristic: Can Be Upgrade,
    Cannibalize part, Final
    Form Ride, Class
    Change, Full Armor,
    Cast Off, Berserk Mode/
    Limit Break, Burst,
    Chain Combo, Final
    Weapon, Shadow Realm,
    Psychokenesis, Hi
    Tension, after Image
    Strike, Power Up To
    very Limit, Instant
    Transmission, Fusion,
    Universal Device,
    attack Function,
    Gambit, Ultimate,
    Shining, Survive,
    Blaster, King, Arms,
    Hyper, Liner, Emperor,
    Decade, Super , Neo
    Quantum DeconstructiOn
    ( NQ- D ), Feral,
    Mimic, Paragon, Phase
    Shift, final.

    Weapon Type (N/A )
    => Can Change

    Causing: Mental Break, Armor break, Power Break, Break Damage Limit, Break Health Limit, Stunning, Shocking hazard, Instant Breaker, Disable, Immobilize, Stop, Slow, Blind, Bleed, Confouse, Silent, Nightmare, Flee, Piercing, Poison/ Els, Break, Damage = 100% armor cannot deflec, final.

    Special Move : Zanmato, Shining wave, Shield off light, Rune Saber, Bitter End, radiant sword, weapon Shift ( Noctis Style ), Guard ( Noctis Style ), omnislash, octaslash, luminensce, Arkblast, serious punch, Killer Move , quickening, wing of weapons, final.

    :v ????? Wait, why? Any question?
    Suteki da ne? oh and ... where is the cloack? Hmmmm.

    ( Thanks for Reading )

    1. I think you're forgot about what gundam frame premise in tekketsu: medieval knight-like armor design, and interchangable armor. As for your other statement...... dude, are you drunk?

    2. That was a really messy statement

    3. That's a one hell of a EDGY comment... dude are you f***ng drunk?

    4. :/ Don't take it seriously okay, no im not drunk ( More call it Hype, Plus Get Nostalgia >_< ) . :v in order to see new form, that was good design. Hmm the out line topic, just forget it. :v but really, some of them have goes to reallity. ( T_T ) i know i know im sorry if was bad/waste space/ Spam comment/ ...., just please forgive me. But Anyway, Are you ready For new Gundam Series? Oh and thank you for reply :3

    5. are you autistic or something?

    6. :| Like i mention before, no. No is not, im just get hype okay >_< . About thing that i said above, Some of them actually appear in the anime, especially ep 25. Yes yes i know it's kinda messy or anything you like to say, so im sorry for this trouble that make you, people get bother. So, please forgive me okay T_T .

    7. He's drunk guys

    8. Characteristics:'"shadow realm" and "telekinesis"

      Yea totally drunk

    9. or english isn't his first language

    10. I don't know why, but i think you guys need to stop criticism him. I think you guys hurt his feeling, do you even realize that he reply our comments twice and he ask us to forgive him? And, do you even see "I'm Not drunk" , "I get hype", "No, No im not .. " word and you people still say he was drunk or something? And i think he also make a comment below about Good and bad news about this kit ( Because the writing style/ Statement style looks same and familiar ). Based From what i can see, his old will be arround 15-18 years old, that means you guys should stop saying a bad thing and stop using dirty word, especially "F**K" word and some of them, that means you teach him to do a bad thing. he also still use a kind word and not like the word that people use nowdays, you people should be ashamed to your self.

    11. I know some of those words.

    12. Anon 5:37 you should correct your grammar before you tell us to be ashamed of ourselves. also no one used the f word, they even censored it for him
      If i were you, maybe the internet is a bit too extreme for you. Libraries still exist tho

    13. More like Purple Realm because, you know, shadows are black, not purple.

    14. @Anon 5:37 Bwahahahaha 'using dirty word'? Oh you humour me. This is the internet mate. This is no daycare, we can say whatever we like. And if the top Anon's age is as you say it is then its perfectly natural.
      Just like what Primescape says.

    15. we have cybercrime law though.......

    16. we have cyber-crime law for that though....

    17. we have cybercrime law though.......

  5. Vaguely reminds me of tekkaman.
    Fitting, since Barbatos 4th reminds me of casshan

  6. It look cooler if this released on MG

  7. UP !!!!!!!!

    Based on the new image that show Lupus Gundam detail ( without the painting )

    Good News

    1. They have improve the inner frame technology, especially in the arm. The arm now can bend almost 180°, even with armor on.

    2. They used MG gundam age one
    ( Normal ) Technology to build the
    wrist, because of that,
    now we have the wrist
    articulation, Up and down.

    3. They used HG gundam age technology
    snap build, especially on the head
    which are new ( see the black part
    on the face ) and then tekkadan logo
    on the shoulder, using snap build
    technology, and yes it's not using

    Bad News

    1. The feet claw are not seperate piece, in another word, it should be painted. One does not simply, they can use 1/100 technology downscale to hg, or even using age snap build, and there you go, actually if there was a feet claw inner frame, this hg now have a full inner skeleton. And yes if they can, that actually good news.

    2. P-Bandai ( Of Course ).

    3. Now it looks like a knight, where is
    the cloack?? Oh and another weapon,
    like shield that hold in the arm,
    sword, spear, axe, Another mace,
    hammer .... if can, now we have
    knight gundam IBO Ver.

    4. that weapon, it looks like hammer +
    Greatsword = Mace. Oh but it is more
    looks like Stoneblade, If can ever
    bigger, Buster sword. Final fantasy

    5. Wait, because this is season 2, now
    it can docking with another? Like OO
    raiser? And wonder its final looks.
    And will it have a movie?

    1. the wrist may move up and down but you it will give us seperate hands that are posed downards
      also no, they dont need to have docking unless you wanna transport it (i.e long range transport booster)

      also one does not simply use the one does not simply meme in this generation

    2. Wrist articulation on a HG Kit was introduced before even Age was a thing.

    3. Oh thank you for correction, the image kinda small ( not the new one ) so i like see a gear on it. About word, what is going on? No, im not angry, it just, it's already appear since first place, even before meme things comes out. About Generation, which one? The Year of the Century Line ( Now ) or Gundam? Okay okay, i appreciate what you say, so to not make longer this converstation or anger/ or anything, Im Sorry, may God Bless You.

  8. So cool like a dragon for me

  9. Wow it's just me or this hg have more longer arm than the previous type 6 frame to make it look more proporsional with the high heels...

    1. It the same frame but you can see that the forearms have an extension to make them longer. That's what I hated about the earth Barbatos, its legs are longer but the arms length are the same.

    2. It has the same frame but the forearms have an extension to make them longer. I'm so glad they did that because the fifth and sixth forms' proportions were just off.

    3. no, not just you, they added more frame for the hand joint, like you have in Freedom v.2 hands

  10. the shoulder armor design is borrowed from the Iron Man Suits! :D

  11. Replies
    1. okay, Legilis influences can be found with the color pattern and the yellow in the legs. other that that, Legilis is VASTLY different

  12. It's the HG IBO Gundam frame but with extensions, so it gotten bigger! That's actually pretty cool!

  13. 10/10 will buy this badass motherfucker

  14. looks great, but i already got three of them, so i'll wait for the next upgrade with something more than a club-sword

  15. good part seperation
    different hand options?

    2nd season hgs look like its gonna have a good start

    1. It's more likely that they're using it in the wolf sense.

  16. lu·pus/ˈlo͞opəs/
    any of various diseases or conditions marked by inflammation of the skin, especially lupus vulgaris or lupus erythematosus


    1. The lupus is Latin for wolf according to the wiki. Don't like the design, but badass name

    2. Still thinking that is a reference to "Loops"

    3. Lupus is also Latin for "wolf."

  17. I'm not so fond on the new head design. The over-sized jaw/chin and the V-fin are off, well, that's just me I think. But the new body design, that I really like.

    1. The head looked weird too for some reason and I realized the back of the head have armor now instead of the frame showing

  18. Hey guys sorry to bring bad news:
    Unless they change the pricepoint, looks like this guy wont be have great part seperation....lets just hope the stickers are reasonable ( like the yellow on the shoulder )

    1. Dunno, but in my opinion adding detail on barbatos still easier than gusion rebake, from my experience with 6th form.

    2. Uh...how so? The shoulder pieces have cutouts for the Tekkadan insignia and there is a bunch of part separation on the skirts and legs. Not to mention there is an inner frame...

    3. Anon 8:40 when i say great part seperation, i mean most parts will be plastic ( read = less stickers )
      The black bits near the calves will probably be stickers, the yellow on the head, the side skirts will most likely be white and the backpack might be just one color
      Also doesnt mean it has an inner frame doesnt mean it gets great part seperation

    4. Seabook is right, nothing would be able to beat the Gusion Rebake. Except maybe the one that is the upgrade of it, that it has more stickerbait on its body.

    5. well looks like this guy is better that the original barbatos in terms of color seperation and sticker usage
      shame that the calf thrusters are still stickers

  19. Why they never give any "open hand" or "close palm hand" instead of that ugly "holding hand with hole"? what does it mean Bandoi! very very dissapointed.

    1. Look up the new ms option set 1, bandoi included some new weps including open palm hands

  20. I actually like this design better than the first season of barbatos and its variant


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