Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Mobile Suit Gundam Machine Head - New Images & Release Info

Mobile Suit Gundam Machine Head
(Release Date: Aug 2016, Price: 450 yen)

Set Includes:
- Zeta Gundam
- Rick Dias
- Gundam Barbatos
- Hi-Nu Gundam
- Nightingale


  1. I like these. Need more info. Scale and how to obtain, specifically.

  2. The Mobile Suit Gundam Machine Head collection of 26mm-scale detailed MS heads will launch this August. Each will retail for ¥450 (tax not included).

    The initial lineup of this new Gundam candy toy series will include the Zeta Gundam, Rick Dias, Hi-Nu Gundam, Nightingale, and Gundam Barbatos. Each one features sliding armor and more, and is available in standard colors or a transparent “Framework” version.
    You can even combine standard and transparent parts!

  3. what the fuck this is so expensive fuckers!


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