Sunday, June 5, 2016

Figure-rise Bust Athrun Zala [Bandai Hobby] - Release Info

Figure-rise Bust Athrun Zala [Bandai Hobby]
(Release Date: Jun 2016, Price: 1,296 yen)


[Updated 6/1/16] *NEW*

[Updated 5/19/16]

[Updated 5/1/16]

Image via urusai_zs

Images via moriwakinaoto


  1. The only thing that would have made this kit make more sense is if we had a Master Grade Justice to display it with. Looking at how Bandai has it set up with Master Grade Freedom 2.0 on the Kira bust and then the MG Aegis with he Athrun bust is a bit lacking. I wonder what is keeping Bandai from making such an obvious Master Grade. Maybe they will have it made during this summer or winter? Bandai has been very quiet for the past few years and the Master Grade kits we have gotten were all big surprises in that most people did not expect to see them so soon. Like the Master Grade Freedom 2.0 was something people were expecting but not so soon I think. I'm glad that it is coming out because after making the Aegis, Buster, Duel, and Blitz and the Aile Strike 2.0, I really wanted the others and thought that Bandai would make it, but not for another few years. This gives me hope. But anyway, I think this is pretty cool for the hardcore collectors. I'm just happy buying Master Grade kits.

  2. I find this quite ridiculous yet I want to own one 'cause Imma fan of Athrun. Could have been better with a serious face than a smile.

  3. I like it except for the positioning of his left arm. Looks like he's jerking off out of frame. :P


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