Friday, March 25, 2016

Hi-Resolution Model: Gundam Barbatos - Review by Hacchaka

Hi-Resolution Model: Gundam Barbatos
(Release Date: Mar 2016, Price: 16,000 yen)


Review by Hacchaka


  1. I find it weird how they are comparing it side by side with the Metal Build Strike Freedom and Metal Build Exia.

    Looking at it again, I can definitely see why I choose not to buy the Metal Build figures.
    The proportions look really off.
    The head & hands look too small, and things like shoulder armor seem way too big.

    This High Resolution Barbatos looks cool, but it also shares some of the issues of proportions and I think a Master Grade release would fix that.

    1. It's on par and can blend in with the high-end Metal Build figures which is why it was put side by side with it. The Metal Build clearly shits on their Master Grade counterparts, Especially the Metal Build Destiny. As for the proportions, not everyone shares your opinion. I think this is an excellent representation of the Barbatos. So stop making excuses on not buying this new line. Or perhaps you just dont have the cash? :)

  2. A shame that this version of the Barbatos doesn't come with the mace...

  3. When does GG ship these out?


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