Wednesday, April 6, 2016

HG 1/144 Graze Ein - New Images & Release Info

HG 1/144 Graze Ein
(Releaes Date: Apr 2016, Price: 1,512 yen)


  1. The name is actually EB-AX2 Graze Ein. Please change the Ain to Ein.

  2. I can't wait to build this kit!

  3. I can't wait to build this kit!

  4. He really looks like shockwave...

  5. I like this one more than the other graze variations. I thought it was a gundam frame at first.

  6. I cannot unsee the Turn X feet...

  7. Hollow parts plez

  8. looking forward to this graze

  9. Good Good, It'Is looking Good. For the Final enemy/ Boss(?) in series/ Episode, There was something .... :

    1.) One does not simply, it has
    articulated finger?

    2.) It has The Higher Price From the
    Line/ Other kits in the line
    (Class Hg 1/144 scale) 1.500 Y.

    3.) This suit is Tall than Other
    kits In the Line.

    4.) It has Swaping Part ?!?!?! Well,
    ok then.

    5.) It Looks Like It has diferent
    kind of inner frame, based on
    data, It'Used new one (?),
    Special Use for Final Battle!

    6.) It Use Bio Computer Technology?
    With 3 AV to the pilot it self?
    Wait, according to the wiki,
    It's Ein Is new Body, Being to
    be A killing machine. One does
    not simply, if he was hungry,if
    he want Go to toilet, or .....
    (well you know what i mean,
    forget it, But It make sense You
    know, what should he do?! )

    7.) So, The weapon on the forearms,
    it was a pile bunker, and other
    weapon is the great axe, and
    then machine gun turret, and
    The driller kick! Wait is that
    articulated finger? IF so ....
    back on the topic, the
    conclusion is, Barbatos 6th Form
    Vs Graze Ein ( Ep 25 Tekkadan ),
    wait, 6th form is the last form?
    Well, You know what i mean, but
    Well ok then.


    Meme: .......... "Up To You"

  10. Curse you Graze Ein!! hehe

  11. Waifu killer machine ..

  12. This will look even more awesome when it is made NG 100 style like the other Barbatos kits (n maybe customize the feet on the unit to boot)

  13. i hate this mobile suit!! GRRR!!!!

  14. I hope they're going to make this in 1/100 version. :D


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