Monday, November 23, 2015

SD Gundam EX Standard: Unicorn Gundam Destroy Mode - New Images & Release Info

SD Gundam EX Standard: Unicorn Gundam Destroy Mode  (Release Date: Nov 2015, Price: 648 yen)


  1. so basically older sd better than this ex crap

  2. By the looks of it, only a few parts of the Psycho frame is going to be clear plastic....

  3. So I take it that we are going to see SD EX Standard releases for:
    - Unicorn [Unicorn Mode]
    - Unicorn [Destroy Mode]
    - Full Armor Unicorn [Unicorn Mode] Green
    - Full Armor Unicorn [Unicorn Mode] Red
    - Banshee [Unicorn Mode]
    - Banshee [Destroy Mode]
    - Banshee Norn [Unicorn Mode] Yellow
    - Banshee Norn [Unicorn Mode] Green
    - Banshee Norn [Destroy Mode] Yellow
    - Banshee Norn [Destroy Mode] Green
    - Phenex [Unicorn Mode]
    - Phenex [Destroy Mode]


    That's a total of 12 variants we might see.
    No transforming.. >_>

    Not a Unicorn series fan so it doesn't bother me, but I'm sure people out there might be a bit annoyed having to potentially be tempted to repurchase all the SD Unicorn series again. LOL

    1. Yes, Suiton. It doesn't bother you since you hate UC timeline anyway . You're always upset and butthurt each time UC gets a release instead of anything in your wishlist, hehe.

    2. Oh my God Suiton. Shut up. Nobody cares about your wishlists.

    3. Why did you even bother saying the possible variants when you hate unicorn
      that makes absolutely no sense....not that you had any to begin with

  4. Most likely to be disappointing like that flop RX-78-2 earlier on. The way the RX-78-2 was handled brings me to think that this will likely end as a big insult considering I'm a diehard Unicorn fan. A shame really since this can be a potentially awesome SD line.

    1. With cheap price like that it can't be helped. When i see unpainted review of rx-78, omg it's revert back to old sd kit with just better articulation but not with better color arrangement and separation. It'll more pain in the ass for paint it than recent bb senshi and bb legend.

  5. Wth this is not bigginer friendly with bandai

  6. The only good thing I can see is taking the Head and Feet for the older SD kit. Which is what I am going to do. : P

  7. I expect this kit to be 87% white


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