Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Gundam.Info New Year Campaign 2016 - Year of Iron-Blooded Orphans -

Gundam.Info New Year Campaign 2016 - Year of Iron-Blooded Orphans -

Starting Nov. 9th 2015, the Gundam.Info New Year Campaign 2016 cards will be issued to eligible products purchases (See below).  One campaign card will be included per eligible item purchased.  GG INFINITE is currently issuing campaign card!

Take a look at how to enter this campaign event and all the great prizes below!


  1. Logging into a Bandai Namco NA account says there's no campaign running, Am I missing something here?

  2. Is it 1 card per order, or per model?

  3. Is it 1 card per order? Per Piece?

    1. It's per qualifying item purchased at participating retailers.

      So GG INFINITE for example...
      If you buy like 20x of HG Barbatos you will get 20 cards.

      Each card has 1 code and each code is 1 chance to win a prize that you choose from the site.

      So you can technically buy like 50x of a cheap SD and get 50 cards and win expensive kits that you can resell or trade online. :)

      Or just try and win that 1 thing or 1 prize set.

  4. I won a special plated barbatos yay !


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