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Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans: Episode 9 'Sakazuki'- Video & Image Gallery

Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans: Episode 9 'Sakazuki'- Video & Image Gallery

Air Date: Nov 29th 2015

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  1. This series has too much talking that amounts to nothing, even Age at its worst was not this dialogue infested.

  2. @captain shark

    To say it amounts to nothing is as logical as some boy-soldier fixing a damaged MS over night by himself or an army of 5 MS, it just doesn't make sense. Most gundam series puts an emphasis on character development and as a reward for that growth more powerful MS and epic battle scenes. The alliance with Teiwaz is going from a group of petty robbers to an organized mafia or in this case guerrillas to a small army.

    Orga and Kudelia are showing major character development in taking major responsibilities, shouldering burdens and swallowing their pride for Tekkadan's survival. Even minor ones, Akihiro is training endlessly to improve and that kid saving up food and treats for the other kids...i kid you not I choked a bit, being an older brother I know small sacrifices like that, make huge impacts to others. Hell, when the Tekkadan crew splurge on food and booze was a way to improve bonds of camaraderie. The formalities in the ceremony was also a way to stress the importance of an alliance. Like an interview, important jobs you dress formally, I would know. A handshake and a paper treaty are sometimes not enough, thus the ceremony.

    If any part of you is human, and not vegetable, you can at least relate to a few human developmental aspects that this series offer. If not, don't's that simple.


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