Sunday, November 15, 2015

G-System 1/35 Scale Ex-S Gundam - Painted Build

G-System 1/35 Scale Ex-S Gundam - Painted Build

Modeled by LED G


  1. Hi,a taiwanese professional modeller, Bill Su, had a horrible experience with this G-system. It smashed to the ground into pieces not long after it was completed assembled. That led to him spending an entire year trying to repair and reenforced the supporting structure. He also posted the process on youtube and his personal FB page. According to him, there were all kind of flaws and weaknesses in the supporting structural design. He strongly recommend any "amateur" from buying this kit to avoid the similar problem. Somewhere else there's a photo posted by another chinese modeller also showing the G-syetem smashed to the ground apparently suffering the same problem... It seems like very few people actually mention and discuss in length regarding this issue. I am just wondering whether you too are facing similar problem? any comment/ feedback in regards to this aspect of the design? thanks... .


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