Thursday, November 12, 2015

Robot Spirits x Ka Signature Full Armor Gundam Mk-II - On Display @ TAMASHII NATION 2015 (Akihabara, Tokyo)

Robot Spirits x Ka Signature Full Armor Gundam Mk-II 
(Release Date: TBA, Price: TBA)


  1. I hope they release a conversion kit or a P-Bandai for this in model kit

    1. Oh you know everything these days is likely to get a Premium Bandai release.
      Bandai loves to annoy us all with releasing everything we want as Premium Bandai.

      We'll be mad and whatnot, but eventually most of us will buy it.

    2. I hate Bandai but you just have to love at the same time...

  2. I thought it was the Age 1 Full Glansa there for a moment.
    Speaking of which, we could really use a Master Grade of it.
    I'm surprised it has not been released as a Premium Bandai at least.

  3. bandai did released a 1/100 b-club resin conversion kit, it costs 16k yen...


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