Monday, November 9, 2015

METAL BUILD Gundam Astray Preview Display @ TAMASHII NATION 2015 - Video & Image Gallery

METAL BUILD Gundam Astray Preview Display

METAL BUILD Gundam Astray Blue Frame 2nd L

METAL BUILD Gundam Astray Red Frame Powered Red

METAL BUILD Gundam Astray Red Frame Giant Gerbera Straight


  1. More MB than normal release MG, f bandai

  2. For pete's sake... it's 2015! Why do the pictures look like they're from '98!

  3. Damn that handle~! I hope we get the blade part too~ WHo doesn't want a replica gerberea straight in their collection~?

  4. All the new release are strike freedom, Strike freedom , astray, astray , unicorn , unicorn .

    its the same gunpla release over and over again . Am i the only one that want new gunpla release which other than astray red frame/strike freedom/unicorn/00 ?
    I have to admit , those gunplas really have great design . But, fan dont want to see same release over and over again .
    Fans want new gunpla instead of astray, and unicorn.
    Atleast make 2.0 version of the older kits like GP02 physallis or dom.

    just an opinion .

  5. no... just no... all these modular add-on sales scheme for the MB astray frame. a giant katana for an 18-meter mobile suit is already bordering ridiculous.

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  7. Is there A release date set for these yet?


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