Wednesday, June 17, 2015

P-Bandai Exclusive: RG 1/144 Z'Gok Mass Production Ver. - New Images & Release Info

P-Bandai Exclusive: RG 1/144 Z'Gok Mass Production Ver.  (Release Date: Aug 2015, Price: 2700 yen)



  1. This should have been a regular release not an exclusive

  2. Ahahaha bandai getting lazy guys! (Palm face )

  3. What? This should have been a normal release! WHY BANDAI WHY???

  4. Okay, now Bandai's getting ridiculous with these online exclusives. This is not just some obscure variant, but something that we saw before, and arguably more often than Char's Commander Type (which, tbh, is probably the most forgettable of all of his MSes). There is absolutely no reason why this one should be an exclusive. To add insult to injury, this exclusive blue one could likely be easier to paint than the retail red one. Though I haven't tried it on the Commander Type (as I was waiting for this one), the red dyes Bandai uses in many of their kits has a nasty reputation (that I can confirm with a number of my other kits) of bleeding through paintjobs more than any other color, often requiring multiple layers.


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