Friday, September 25, 2015

MG 1/100 Tallgeese III Custom - GBWC 2015 [Japan] Entry Build by ロク 【RO KU】 [Updated 9/25/15]

MG 1/100 Tallgeese III Custom - GBWC 2015 [Japan] Entry Build

Modeled by ロク 【RO KU】

[Updated 9/25/15] *NEW*

[Updated 9/23/15]

[Updated 9/22/15]

[Updated 9/12/15]

[Updated 8/29/15]

[Updated 8/27/15] 

[Updated 8/10/15] 

[Updated 8/4/15]

[Updated 7/29/15] 

[Updated 7/19/15] 

[Updated 7/16/15]

[Updated 6/22/15] 

[Updated 6/13/15]


  1. Arghhhh! It hurts!!

  2. Model looks great but the backpack is gaudy as hell

  3. badass masterpiece

  4. I kinda liked it better when it was only Gray/White with Blue Lighting. Simplistic but awesome.
    Reminds me of lvl 60+ RF Online Accretia Armors

    1. I also liked that simpler colour scheme as well. It didn't occur to me he or she would even paint this. When I found out that they painted it thanks. Also, while this is immensely detailed, it's also way too busy with the backpack and double beam cannon setup.

  5. I used to like extra gadgets, but then I come to appreciate the beauty of simplicity. This one is a great build, but the super bulky backpack just ruined the Tallgeese image for me.

  6. A Bit of a "Cluster Fuck", But damn. It looked better unpainted.
    The Paint job is SO plain. Literally.
    I'm not the one to talk, I mean, from a MG 1/100 Tallgeese into that behemoth is quite impressive.
    But, when you work so hard for something like that, you might as well put the same amount of effort put in.

    Pretty much halved the quality of the build in half.

  7. The model looks great but very sloppy paint job.

  8. Is it finally done? How many more posts are we going to see of this clusterfuck? The modeler is clearly skilled but I'm just not a fan of his style. I feel like this could have been three awesome suits instead of one giant mess of a tallgeese.

  9. How many more times will this be posted?

  10. This build would have been awesome if the paint palette was done in Tallgeese III's original white and blue color scheme. The heavier shade of blue would have created a better balance to the bulk of the new parts.

    The new mega beam cannon should have been done in black and grey instead of white and black.

    Alternatively, the original Tallgeese's white and black color scheme would have worked as well.

    Too bad, the model itself incredibly well detailed. As for the 'ridiculous' size of the backpack, it actually works well with the mythos of the suit being too much for a normal human to pilot.

  11. please stop posting this turd of a clusterfuck ms.

  12. What is the name of this beast????????

  13. While I am a fan of simplicity, I love the fell and flow of the build.Keep up the good work. Did you scrap build any of the pieces?


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