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C3 2015 (Hong Kong) - Event Info & Exclusive Items [Updated 1/31/15]

C3 2015 (Hong Kong) - Event Info

Dates: Feb 6th - 8th, 2015
Location: 3BCD, Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre
Admission: $30 HKD
Official Website:

FW Gundam Converge: Operation Revive @ C3 2015 (Hong Kong)
Attendees at the event will be given a chance to vote their favoite FW Gundam Converge figure to be revived with enhanced colors and accessories.  The mobile suits with the most votes will be issued in the next FW Gundam Converge: Operation Revive Set.

Here are some of the exclusive item to be sold at the event:
RG 1/144 Wing Zero Custom EW Pearl Gloss Ver. (Price: $300 HKD)

FW Gundam Converge SP01 [Metallic Ver.]  (Price: $185 HKD)

SD Gundam Action Figure: FXA-05D/RX178 Super Gundam  (Price: $195 HKD)


  1. It would be nice if they could revive the Gundam 00 Converge figures.

  2. My favorite FW converge figure would be the Quan[T] and Hyaku Shiki. If I have to choose one, i have to say the Hyaku Shiki. It would be awesome to have hyper bazooka with a yellowish paint instead of gold.


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