Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Gundam ACE (Jan 2015 Issue) - Cover Image & Preview Images [Updated 12/10/14]

Gundam ACE (Jan 2015 Issue) - Cover Image & Preview Images

Preview Images:
[Updated 12/10/14] *NEW*

[Updated 12/7/14]


  1. what ms is that? the one with 0096

  2. Gundam UC 0096: Last Son/Sun(?)

    Gundam G-First and UC 0096?
    So its another Unicorn side-story?
    Does it connect to G-Reco, all the way before Hathaway Flash, Crossbone and V?

    Side stories start to bunch around the Unicorn time period.

    1. Gundam Unicorn itself is just a side-story in the UC timeline. One of the many in the aftermath of Char's Counterattack. Neo-Zeon's already banged-up military suffered yet another blow with the defeat of the Sleeves and even the Federation is starting to lose its past military superiority. What you see are just mopping up operations of scattered resistances leading up to Hathaway's uprising. Then the Federation sort of loses steam after that until the events of F91 where Londo Bell was wiped out. It's still a lot of time to cover, and without any major conflicts, there just wasn't any story to tell that matches the great battles from UC 78 to UC 93.


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