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Gundam: Reconguista in G Episode 6 - Preview Video & Screenshots

Gundam: Reconguista in G Episode 6  - Preview Video & Screenshots

Air Date: Oct 30th 2014 

Preview Video via Drama Ani

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  1. Why do guys have long hair in G-Reco?
    Army guys, cadets all long hair.
    And it seem tropical and hot, their weather.

    When is the Capital Territory founded?
    After how long since then they decided to form an army?
    How long has the continental wars been happening?
    If only they provided some timeline like Aldnoah Zero.

    Ok, continental wars - 20 years.

    Dellensen is not seeing or hearing the CA Commander quarrelling with Bellri's mom?
    He is smiling and looking to his left.
    I hope he isn't seeing any video...and smiling, that would be kind of sick.

    Reflector Pack! Another 3rd party Amerian technology.

    Whoa what did the CA Commander drill into Bellri's mom?

    Hope her head gets better soon to bring some truth and perhaps to the main plot.

    That Steer guy has some slang for the English words :P

    So G-Self give out USB drives to Rayhunton code individuals, lol.

    I guess the Pirates would have less trouble if they just return Bellri and the girls.
    The Capital folks should have just asked in the first place but they just attack.
    Cumpa's plan?
    Towasanga, G-Self, Raraiya, Rayhunton code...

    They really need the 00 System to talk things out (in nakedness though).

    I love the litle tidbits about RC MS tech.
    Toilet and this time airbags.

    So the correct way to use Reflector is from the back?
    Shoot the back?

    Dellensen died!!
    G-Self is really powerful.
    Reminds me of Gundam 00 Season 1 where Celestial Being is king.

    With identities revealed by direct contact, the victor and defeated both filled with regret?

    What is Klim's motives?
    How will this guy develop?

    Amerian tech is tapping into the G-Self pretty nicely.
    Must have had some pretty open API on G-Self or something.

    So will Bellri refuse to sortie?
    The clique "scared to kill someone he could have known" thing?


    So now the story is the Pirates/Ameria wants to invade Capital Tower.
    And Capital Territory sets up and Army after 20 years of war to defend its Tower.
    The Hermes Rose Blueprint became an instant source of technology.
    Recten to Cat Sith to Elf Bullock in a few episodes.

    So what after Ameria gets the Tower?
    Go after Towasanga?

    Or Towasanga will come down to cooperate with Capital Army before that.

    And Gondwan, nothing about them yet.

    Feels like the events in the opening are already expanded, so fast!


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