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Gundam Reconguista in G: Episode 5 'Enemy Capital Amyi' [敵はキャピタル・アーミィ] - 90+ Screenshots

Gundam Reconguista in G: Episode 5 'Enemy Capital Amyi' [敵はキャピタル・アーミィ]

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  1. Wasn't expecting that much water

    1. yeah they kinda broke physics there, since as i'm sure everybody knows...YOU CAN'T COMPRESS LIQUIDS!! other than that it was pretty good

    2. It exist in the distant future! That's good enough!.....Fareak though idk

    3. Still gundam generally remains fairly good about making their physics at least halfway believable, now if you told me it was an advanced form of cloud seeding like a chemical that attracts moisture when exposed to air, or if it was steam that has chemicals that cool it rapidly causing it to condense in to liquid, i could buy that but to outright ignore such a simple law of physics just bugs me... if this were something like gurren lagann i wouldn't have even noticed it, but i mean i can buy monovsky particles and psycoframe, hell even gn drives and n-jammers because they add something that makes them work, but to just throw something like this in just bugs me sooooo much

    4. Considering everything else that either doesn't exist, or is terribly crude, yeah....

  2. Rayhunton Code...
    What if the blueprints displayed by G-Self is decoded from a Rayhunton Code person's DNA?
    That pain in the chest Aida and Bell felt near the end of ep 4.

    Army camo?
    Maybe blue could be better?
    So not practical.

    Once again I ponder upon the reason Cumpa set up the Capital Army.
    The cheer girls downplay the mystery.

    So the Elf Bull had already been around.
    Then why was Dellensen in a Cat Sith for the past eps?

    Mask is Luin as expected.
    The hair is a give away, his girlfriend should have suspected.
    Quite sad for Luin.

    They keep teasing the Hermes Rose Blueprints.

    Ok, the space guys who manufactures the batteries.
    Candy-coated with religion by the Capital guys.
    They do MS too?

    The 3 bring a much relaxed atmosphere to the Megafauna.

    Bellri shouldn't have kill Cahill, now he is bound by this kill.
    I wonder how long till he knows the truth and join the Pirates voluntarily.

    Mask feels like an artificial Newtype.
    Elf Bullock, a Psycho Gundam MK2?
    Did Luin voluntarily don the mask?

    I don't sense any urgency in this anime.
    The Pirates just happily let their engineer conduct docking test amist battle.
    They take everything as it comes, super!

    Happa still hanging on!

    Ok so Cumpa had some specs of G-Self from Towasanga?
    G-Self evolves?
    Rayhunton codes?

    Some politics happening there?
    Aida becomes the Princess?
    Her father is planning a coup d'état?
    Or not the Princess of Amelia but of a new country?


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