Monday, April 28, 2014

Dengeki Hobby (June 2014 Issue) - Preview Images [Updated 4/28/14]

Dengeki Hobby (June 2014 Issue)
High Quality Image

Images via Dengeki Web

[Updated 4/28/14]

[Updated 4/26/14]
A.O.Z Re-boot
A.O.Z Re-boot - 1/144 RMS-106 Hi-Zack [Re-Zeon Ver.]


  1. what the hell is that?

  2. Advance of Zeta Reboot?? Even a decade after this series, it's still my favorite!! Awesome news!

  3. Damn it Bandai, AoZ is a potential kitbash series. Just release the whole TR-6 line.

    Neo Zeong is no match for Inle.

  4. What's with the egg-head design??

  5. Is there gonna be a lot more of Zeon Suits? Not just TTT?

  6. Each month I'm becoming less and less impressed with Dengeki Hobby magazine. This month the magazine felt super thin. There's usually a few good builds in it but I just don't find it as worthwhile as Hobby Japan. Dengeki's paper quality isn't as good as Hobby Japan either. I'm thinking I'll stop buying this one monthly unless there's something in it I really want. Even then if I wait a month or two I could probably pick it up for 300 yen at a book off.

  7. I'm more interested with Super Asurada, Ogre, and Spiegel Cyber Machines


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