Thursday, September 19, 2013

TGS (Tokyo Game Show) 2013 - Image Gallery via Gundam.Info

TGS (Tokyo Game Show) 2013 - Image Gallery via Gundam.Info
Images via Gundam.Info

At this year TGS (Tokyo Game Show) 2013, Namco Bandai's booth will have both the PS3/PS Vita Shin Gundam Musou & PS Vita Gundam Breaker setup for participants to take a test drive.  TSG 2013 is held at the Makuhari Messe (Tokyo, Japan) from Sept 19th - 22nd.  On Sept 22nd (Sunday) at 10:45 AM, a live stage appearance by the game designers Mr. Suzumura Kenichi & Mr. Nakamura Yuichi to provide further details about this upcoming title.


  1. >dressing up as seed characters

    how stupid

    1. They can mix and match however the please, if it were up to me I'd have all of them dressed as Turn A gundams with big F-U signs.

      In the end its all gundam, shut up.

      FYI Im a wing fan but wing doesn't have such distinctive clothing :/

  2. commenting everything about seed.. you actually love them don't ya..

  3. Anonymous 11:13 PM might be Gundam Seed fan, but he/she wants other people underestimate the UC fan because like condemning on Gundam Seed (who knows)

  4. Gundam: Your beam rifle is the beam rifle that will pierce the heavens!


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