Monday, September 16, 2013

PS Vita: Gundam Breaker - Game Screenshots [Updated 9/16/13]

PS Vita: Gundam Breaker  (Release Date: Oct 31st 2013)
Retail Price: 6980 yen
PSN Download Price: 6280 yen

PS Vita: Gundam Breaker Starter Pack Limited Edition (Release Date: Oct 31st 2013)
Retail Price: 28076 yen
- PS Vita Gundam Breaker game cartridge
- PS Vita [Gundam Breaker Original Design White Color]
- Exclusive HGUC 1/144 Gundam & Zaku Gundam Breaker Color Ver. 

More Info / Video / Images:
View more info about the Vita version of Gundam Breaker: HERE
New playable mobile suits: HG ZZ Gundam & HG Dreissen (UC Ver.): HERE
Promo Videos: HERE

[Updated 9/16/13]
Updated game cover art & new screenshots via famitsu

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