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Robot Damashii (Side MS) GX-9901-DX Gundam Double X - Review by Hobby no Toriko

Robot Damashii (Side MS) GX-9901-DX Gundam Double X (Released in Japan, Price: 5,000 yen)
Review by Hobby no Toriko


  1. How come Damashii supports a lot of series, whereas Bandai just doesn't?

    I know that the HG Double X is finally coming out soon, but why doesn't Bandai take it up a notch and give us the MG's? Isn't that their most popular and most profitable line of releases?

    All we would need is the X, X Divider, and Double X. Then just to troll us and make more profits, Bandai could release the G-Falcon as an online exclusive.

    1. Anon at 5:38 am Robot Damashii is owned by Bandai bro

    2. Oh I didn't know that since I don't buy Damashii. Then how come some Damashii get releases whereas Bandai just skips out on some in MG and sometimes does only SD/HG? Isn't MG the most profitable line?

    3. Anon 6:02
      While MG is the most profitable line, Gundam X series is amongst the least popular series. It was cancelled and shortened and so not many fans. Not many fans = not many buyers. economy 101.

    4. Nobody knows what their more profitable line is but the MG is the most popular.
      And you just answered your own question with that: why hasn't Bandai released a Gundam X in their most popular line. Because Gundam X isn't that popular currently. Its all about Unicorn, Seed and Wing and they are milking the hype for what its worth.

      I would expect plans for Gundam X, Crossbone, F91, Victory and such MGs to come after the Unicorn Final Episode and Seed Destiny HD have run their course. Wing is ramping up again with Glory of the Losers about to upgrade the 5 Gundams and Frozen Teardrop.

      I under how personal expectations heighten the importance of one series and how seeing a few dozen or even a hundred people echo the same feeling. But honestly? It means jack against the thousands of opinions in Asia and Japan and that's the market Bandai listens to for Gunpla. Other releases such as Robot Damashii, D-Arts, SHF, AGP and such have a better chance of international input like the MMPR SHF releases and the Saint Seiya but the Gunpla franchise is entirely dependent on Asia's input, not ours.

    5. I'm pretty sure Bandai wants a new audience as well now. They know that they have already got the teenage and adult audience captured so why not bring in the kids? That's probably why they want to focus on the 1/44 scale kits and makingnew series like Gunpla builders and Build fighters

    6. So basically we are going to see more MG's from:
      1. Wing
      2. Unicorn
      3. Seed
      4. Seed Destiny

      and then we might see stuff from X? Unless I am not wrong, I think X is the only series that does not have any MG kits to this day.

      Oh and what about Gundam Age? Isn't that popular or at least profitable? I know that (according to Gundam Guy's blog) we will be getting a MG releases for Age-2 Normal Special Unit, Age-1 Unit 2, and I think before we saw stuff about Age-3 Normal and Age-FX being displayed at a Gundam Hobby Show like a year or so. So maybe besides that we will also get the Orbital and Fortress?

      Oh and talking about Seed.
      Do you think that the Remaster Version is profitable for Bandai? If so, how come we don't have any information on a RM Ver for the Freedom and a release for the Justice? I think Justice never got a MG release before. Do you think that the Seed Destiny series will also get RM Ver kits and new kits?

      And then finally talking about Wing.
      I know that that Protoman Wing Zero is coming. But how come the Wing EW and Wing Zero EW have not gotten an updated release? I want to get those 2, but I don't like how it uses that really old style hands and frame when the other (actual) EW ones uses updated designs. And then how come we don't have a release for Nataku, Heavyarms Custom, and Sandrock Custom when the Deathscythe Hell Custom came out already?

      Oh and since Gundam 00 is airing again online, do you think that Bandai will do more new kits? I know that the Metal Grade Exia came out and that one had the parts to make it into the Repair 2 and Repair 3 version. Maybe Bandai will do a MG for the Repair 2 and have parts to make it into Repair 3? I think that would be sweet!

      One more thing. Sorry for making this so long.

      How come Unicorn didn't see a MG for the Khsatriya and Geara Zulu? Oh and do you think we will get a OVA Ver. of Full Armor Unicorn and Unicorn Norn?

    7. Shut the fuck up Charles Kim! You're still not fooling anyone!

    8. Well will find where you live bitch!


    1. Meh, Hi-Mat Full Burst Mode is only a pesky peashooter compared to the Twin Satellite Cannons. THAT'S THE TRUE WEAPON OF DESTRUCTION BETCH

    2. Meh?!?, Double X is just a souped up version of (Unidirectional) Gundam X. Do not forget, Satellite cannons needs to be charge and recharging times are quite long (sitting duck).

      Heck freedom's full burst will eat double X's cannon for breakfast.

      While the full burst, (refer Striker Freedom) all (8) dragoons will be be pointing at Double X from combined (8) directions, and will turn your Double X into Double eXtra cheese cake.

      And above that add beam cannon (combined beam rifles) and rail cannon on its waist, Double X stands no chance.

  3. robot spirt replace there msia line. in past a lot of gundam fans buy msia also because they wanted something to play with. model kits just break so easy. so robot spirit replace that. easier for them to make action figure and make more figure then master grade kits. master kits have a lot of little part while robot spirits have much less parts and are stronger plastic. there very well detail to. save work and money to build a kit. they make more profit on spirit. most robot spirits are out of stock on japan website. if they only focus on kits then you would lose a lot of business too. bandai to please everyone make kits and figure. if it was only kits bandai wouldn't make that much money. i only buy robot spirit because there easier to display and i prefer figure over kits.


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