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SD BB LEGEND Strike Ryubi Gundam - New Large Images [Updated 5/25/13]

SD BB LEGEND Strike Ryubi Gundam (Release Date: Jun 2013, Price: 1400 yen)
Image above via teni314 Twitter


  1. So it really is a Legend BB.

    Pic of runners here:

    A Sangokuden Legend BB logo is featured here:

  2. I always thought the original Sangokuden series was incomplete.

    Now i know why

  3. not buying wthout Kanu and Chouhi, his bros! they must come in set!

    1. What if it comes in a set but they are transparent?
      Then months after you bought the transparent set comes a set with normal opaque plastic plus upgrade parts?

      Its best to wait for the "dust to settle".
      Plan your purchase after the whole series is done.

      Ok, if you want to collect them all.
      I have most of the Sangokuden kits but till now have only built 5 of them :P

    2. iron, know what you mean. lucky i collect the whole shin set recently without any repeating character, bought the best version of each character.
      SanGo Legend will only be SanGo Legend with the three brothers united. If not, that is just a Dynasty Gundam design using Ryubi name.

  4. So far its only the 三候 and 武義.
    Wonder how much more is Bandai's plan.
    Couldn't be flooding the BB Legend line with Sangokuden designs, could it?

  5. New Comic World:

    With the clash of the Tengyokugai and Shuu in Ep34, 4 shards of light and darkness spread in all directions in Mirisha.

    The 3 brothers followed one shard to a village and encountered one of the 4 Evils, Toukou.
    In the midst of the fight Ryuubi gained a new form from a fragment of light, the will of the Azure Dragon calls out for those who received the will of the 3 Lords to once again seal the 4 Evils!


    Pretty excited for the story but I'll hold back for the kits :P

  6. That is one damn fine kit right there. Knowing Bandai, they will hold back selling sets (which are very satisfactory and expensive at the same time) until the hype has left the spectators.


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