Monday, February 4, 2013

Mazinger Z x Gundam- Custom Build [Updated 2/4/2013]

Mazinger Z x Gundam- Custom Build
Amazing! This hybrid looks extremely good.


Images via Toysdaily


  1. I think the modeller used parts from the old Bandai Mechanic Collection (MechaColle) Mazinger Z from 2001. I have the Getter-1 from the same line, and I can tell by the hands. The old BMC hands were made of rubber, and they all looked identical. Aside from that back cover (which looks to be made of plastic), and the fact that the balljoints are frickin' huge on the originals, they look identical. They even reflect light the same way.

    I haven't built the BMC Mazinger Z/Shin Mazinger Z, so I can't tell if the Pilder, Scrander, or helmet were scratchbuilt or are from the original kit, but I think te Breast Fire plates might have been scratchbuilt, since the ones on the 2001 kit were pointed on the outer edge like the 1970s anime, while the ones we see here are flat, like the modern OVAs

  2. i need to build this... is there a build guide for this somewhere?


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