Thursday, February 21, 2013

Gundam Card Battler: New App for iOS & Android

Gundam Card Battler: New App for iOS & Android
Both sources need a Japanese account. QR codes to both versions inside the full post.
Game Features
-Made the card all the works of Gundam!
Lots of Mobile Suit from TV series, Movies, OVA, has become cool illustrations in card!
-Run the mission, and enhance the card deck!
Let's clear the "Mission" Execute "Operation"!
you can get cards and LvUP the deck!
-Emergence Enemy Ace !?
Enemy Ace may appear in the middle of the mission. 
Defeat the formidable enemy in the enhanced card deck!
If you don't win the enemy alone, Let the help of a friend!
-Let's be friends with other players!
You can make friends in Players which fought the enemy together!
Your friends help you when fight against the enemy ace!
*Use of this application requires a network communications environment.


Play Store:


  1. so basically i can't get the game because my phone is zone restricted to the US and I need a Japanese phone to play?
    Is there any way around this?

    1. Don't know about Android but on iPhone you just need to create a Japanese iTunes account, you can use a guide on the net to do the workarounds to make one. Paying for stuff will have to be via Japanese iTunes cards you can buy off the net though.

  2. Thanks for sharing it, I just wanna know that can this App support Mac VPN.?


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