Wednesday, January 9, 2013

GNO3 kicks off Season 13 with the Blue Destiny units 2 and 3! [News via Gundam.Info]

Gundam Network Operation 3 (Japan)
Supported OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 32-bit, Windows 7 64-bit
Publisher: Namco Bandai Online
Credit card : ¥ 1,155 / month (tax inc.)
7-Eleven Money Transfer, WebMoney, DoCoMo Mobile Phone Account payments : ¥ 3,780 / 3 month period (tax inc.)
Namco Bandai Online adds the Blue Destiny Unit 2 and Blue Destiny Unit 3 to Gundam Network Operation 3's 13th season, beginning January 14th, through the Special Supply system.
Also added are Search and Destroy missions, with guaranteed Supply Request drops.
Blue Destiny Unit 2 Zeon, Delaz Fleet / Tech Lv. 5 / Standard / Restricted
Blue Destiny Unit 3 Federation / Tech Lv. 5 / Standard / Restricted
■ Beat the new "Search and Destroy" missions for rare parts! 
Search and Destroy missions, targeting enemy aces and prototypes, will be added for the 13th season.
Split into five levels, the enemies grow fiercer in each level, but the Request Point and other rewards grow too.
Complete them and you're guaranteed a Supply Request, boosting your chances at rare parts.
For more info on the update, visit the GNO3 official site.
GNO3 is currently giving out 10-day trial IDs! Just enter your email address at the official site for yours!
Client download is free, so give it a try!
News via Gundam.Info

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  1. any guide for applying the 10 days trial?


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