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Shuichi Ikeda and Numacchi appear at the Zeonic Toyota press conference!

Char Aznable x Toyota: MS-186H-CH "Auris Char Aznable" Toyota -
On Display @ Toyota Showroom (Tokyo, Japan)
Zeonic Toyota: A collaboration between the Toyota Motor Corporation and Zeonic. Its establishment was announced January 9th at a press conference held at MEGAWEB in Odaiba, featuring Char Aznable's voice actor Shuichi Ikeda and Numacchi, an actor famous for his Char impersonation.
The event announced the mass-production of the Char Custom Auris, premiered three project trailers, and included a talk session between several guests deeply involved in Zeonic Toyota.
Now, we bring you a photo report.
The press, invited to something described only as a "new project announcement", were first shown a PV based on the Mobile Suit Gundam opening, as Ichiro Nagai's voice announced the founding of Zeonic Toyota. Gasps were heard as the mass-production of the Char Custom Auris was announced for this year.
A simulated video feed from the Principality of Zeon featuring Gihren Zabi, footage of Char personally test-driving the Auris, and the announcement of Zeonic Toyota's recruitment program served to further drive home the seriousness of the project.

Next, two "advisors" to Zeonic Toyota were introduced: Shuichi Ikeda, voice of Char Aznable, and Numacchi, famous Char impersonator. Masahiro Matsumoto of Toyota Modellista, designers of the Char Custom Auris Concept and participants in the mass-production of the char Custom Auris, and Sunrise producer Shigeru Horiguchi also participated in a public discussion.
Ikeda: "I know we joked about 'Zeonic Toyota' at Chara-Hobby last year, but I didn't really expect it to happen." "We can't let (the life-sized) Gundam beat us. Next year is the 25th anniversary of Gundam, so we should have a triumphal parade through Ginza!"
Next, Horiguchi spoke of the difficulty in developing the product—after all, if it was 'three times faster' like in Char's famous line, "Everyone who drove it that fast would be arrested. (laughs) As a Char Custom, it's certainly high-performance, but Char was just as likely to kick off his ship as use the catapult—it can be powerful or delicate, whichever the driver chooses. Of course, hopefully they'll choose to drive safely. (laughs)"
Then Matsumoto spoke of the differences between the Char Custom Auris Concept and the mass-production model, and his hoped to make it "customizable to the buyer's heart's content".
When asked what he'd like to see in the Char Custom Auris, Numacchi replied "Gundam fans love sounds. I'd love to hear the distinctive sound of the monoeye when switching the headlights on, or a navigation system with Mr. Ikeda's voice." He also looked forward to seeing the suggestions Zeonic Toyota employees will submit.
Finally, Shuichi Ikeda roused the crowd with a "Men of Zeonic Toyota, I have high hopes for you!"

The Char Custom Auris site is running several campaigns, including one where you can join Zeonic Toyota and suggest your own idea.
You can also test-drive an Auris at Netz dealerships nationwide beginning January 12th in the "Auris Red² Ride" event to receive an exclusive Char×Auris cushion. Supplies are limited, so test drive today!
For more details, visit the Char Custom Auris site.

Images via Response, Info via Gundam.Info


  1. Char would be driving a salmon-pink car, not a deep red one. This is more Full Frontal style.

  2. I'm gonna say it's 3 times faster than a normal car to prevent anyone else from making that horrible, inevitable joke.

    1. Actually you going to get 3 times a amounts of speeding tickets than a normal driver just for making that joke XD

  3. Really... Toyota can't make it a sedan?

  4. Toyota should have used 86 with full TRD pack as the base car, then we can safely say it's 3 times faster

  5. Toyota should use full modification packed Lexus LFA as a base, so it safe to say it's 3 times faster, and times of price..


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