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Tomino Yoshiyuki's New Project - G Reko Info Updated! [8/25/12]

Gundam Creator Tomino's G-Reko Entering Full Fledged Production
[News via AnimeNewsNetwork]
Director discusses robot project's status & he distances it from Gundam:
ANN obtained the October issue of Kadokawa Shoten's Gundam Ace magazine on Saturday and confirmed that it said that G-Reko, the newest robot project from creator Yoshiyuki Tomino (Gundam, Ideon), will be "entering full-fledged production." The update on G-Reko ran in Tomino's "Oshiete Kudasai. Tomino Desu" column.
Tomino was in the middle of interviewing Japanese modern artist Takashi Murakami in his column when he commented on the taxing nature of creating a work "on the level of a television series." Tomino also said that the scenario for the whole G-Reko project has been written and is currently being reevaluated. He added that he would like to draw the storyboards for the entire production, though he realizes that doing so may be impossible. 
Tomino said that the "G-Reko" name was chosen in part because "the 'Gundam' name was a total nuisance when trying to develop a new kind of robot story." He noted that the "G" in the title was revealed earlier as standing for "gravity."
For the past few years, Tomino has been discussing "Hajimetai Capital G no Monogatari," a proposed text novel project which featured a space elevator. This method of ferrying objects from a planet's surface to orbit has been a plot point in such anime as The Super Dimension Century Orguss, Mobile Suit Gundam 00, and Tomino's own Turn A Gundam. Then, late last year, Kadokawa Shoten revealed the launch (pictured left) of Tomino's similar G-Reko project at Sunrise, the anime studio behind Gundam and Ideon.
Tomino concluded his Murakami interview by stating that he is taking a break from his Gundam Ace column, which he began in 2003. He cited the time commitment required of him for the production of G-Reko. 
[News via AnimeNewsNetwork, Char-Senyō News] *Thanks Debris for linking the article*
Tomino Yoshiyuki's new project "G Reko" will be a upcoming TV series program. The storyline has been completed and is now under review. All content will be developed by Tomino Yoshiyuki himself.
We found an article at Yaraon that provided a transcript from a section of a recent interview with Tomino Yoshiyuki about the "G Reko" project.  Here is rough translation...very rough. (by Team GG's Mecha Guy):

Tomino: We first revealed the "G Reko" project in the Newtype Ace #1 magazine publication.  At that time, we use the letter "G" to launch the project.  To use the Gundam name would get in the way of what we want to achieve... which is an entirely new robot series.
Muraue: I understand that. The letter G deals with gravity and earth's surface. I can imagine you want to have broader possibilities when creating a new story.
Tomino: Correct. I started about 3 years ago. I had a sudden revelation. Last year's earthquake and the nuclear plant crisis impacted how I wrote the story line. 
Maraue: That's the way to do it.
Tomino: However, anime is something that elementary and middle school kids watch so you have to have a robot that is ethical and legitimate.
Maraue: So this anime series will be about space elevator, and geared towards children?
Tomino: No, it is geared towards adults. About adults in a nuclear world.. To view the possible issues dealing with this theme from various aspect, or else it would just be a really awkward gundam.
Maraue: ha ha ha
Tomino: With that said, the compilation of this new TV series is very complicated. The story is all written out and now under review. I did all the content myself. There won't be much time for open forum, as that takes too much time. So when people ask me to share more, I will just tell them I need a break. Thank you for everything.

At the conclusion of the interview, It was also mentioned that a preview article about this new series will be printed in this month's Gundam ACE (October Issue), which is currently on sale in Japan.  

We are certainly looking forward to this new series. Let us know your thoughts / comments.

Previous Post (Oct. 21 2011)
Yoshiyuki Tomino Project Said to Be Set 1000 Years in the Future of UC Timeline
Early last September, it was announced that Mobile Suit Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino was working on a new SF project called G Reko. Now, the Mechadamashii web site has turned up a new magazine image regarding this mystery proejct, which Mechadamashii claims is "the new Yoshiyuki Tomino anime set over a 1000 years in the UC timeline's future".
Here's a translation of the text that appears on the page itself, giving away lots of clues about G-Reko's staff and premise.Bottom left:
Yoshida Kenichi
Animator, Illustrator. Entered Studio Ghibli in '90. Freelancer as of '99. Beginning with Turn A Gundam, worked on the genga production for multiple productions. Character designer for Eureka 7.
Bottom right:
"It begins here....?
Hearing Director Tomino's idea, his friend Yoshida Kenichi drew this illustration on his own. The structure is... a space elevator? Standing there is a human? Or is it...."


  1. Gundam Guy, Crunchyroll says: "Early last September, it was Announced That Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino was working on a new project Called SF G Reko. Now, the website has Mechadamashii Turned up in New magazine this mystery proejct Regarding image, which effectively Mechadamashii claims is "the new Yoshiyuki Tomino souls over in September of 1000 years in the UC timeline's future.""

    What are you doing Tomino Sama??

  2. Yuri Barbosa OrdesteOctober 21, 2011 at 2:35 PM

    I approves

  3. I have to say, I'm pleasantly surprised. I figured that his project would be completely unrelated to Gundam. I guess this is a sort of Gaia Gear 2.0.

  4. Interesting. I'm completely intrigued. The first image is pretty cool

  5. And on that note I also have to say that as 1000 year pass in UC I hope mobile suits Didnt get any smaller

  6. We have waited 10 years for this.

  7. I'm happy about this and all, but I just can't really get into 1000 years into the future of UC a bit too much. I'm guessing that since they didn't announce this to be gundam (Yet)we won't bee seing any Gundam, but maybe will get to see something like the descendant of the gundam design(maybe the mobile suit in the pic is the descendant of the gundam design or something)

  8. Damn that image is a tease and a half ;)

  9. Hmmn interesting, 1000 years into the future of UC eh... If I'm not mistaken, I saw some mini-MS like things in the picture scans, about the size of a car I think...

  10. I felt uninterested in it before when the news broke, and had mixed thoughts about Tomino himself even if he made TAG (which has been recently my favorite Gundam anime).

    But after seeing that promo image at the top? Maybe I was thinking too hard, but seeing that mecha in the artwork after reading "over a 1000 years in the UC timeline's future" is giving me vibes of Turn A. If the vibes seem true, then any related traits are subtle, but present enough to be something seen from that era. And yet, it looks so organic compared to past designs, too.

    Despite having mixed vibes about my fandom to Gundam (and mecha) in general as of late, I might look into this.

  11. I'm really exited about this *0* can't wait!!!

  12. although they haven't confirmed gundam if was betting man i'd throw it on the table i mean come on its pretty obvious

  13. it looks like a video i saw someone made on new grounds one time.

  14. The story this was based on, Tomino's "Capital G", featured space pirates and man-machines. Gaia Gear, anyone?

  15. Yoshiyuki Tomino... Again you pull something out of your ass that makes everyone turn around and say "Huh?" ... G-Reko... 1000 years into the Universal Century... You better not f*** this up, Tomino.

    Knowing your ratio of successes to failures, it's easy to see why I might be on edge, but add in this kind of thing and I'm pretty much just hovering several feet past the edge...

    But I'm still hoping for the best... Still hoping...

  16. @Andrew: Well, if the artistic design is like any of the concept art above, would you admit to the aesthetics being well done? Or would it not be to your taste?

  17. Note from Animesuki Forum-->

    Senior Member

    - Title is undetermined, codename is "G Reco" ("Reco" is the shortform for "Records", I'm guessing that would make it "G-Records")
    - Project has been started with Sunrise
    - Target audience is older elementary school kids to high-schoolers
    - Main theme is female resilience
    - About an older sister and younger brother
    - Story's about the "birth of a queen"
    - Takes place in a new era, at least 1000 years from now (basically AD->UC->G Reco's era)

    And according to the scans, the space elevator is going to play a big part

    Best Regards.

  18. It seems too good to be true....... (but hell, Tomino is back!!!!!!)

  19. @Siroh32: Artistic design isn't really my "thing" and I could normally less about it (I say "normally" because sometimes I do care). G-Reko is not one of the times I would care... That said, the art does look good for the most part, but parts of it are a little inconsistent. Overall I'd say it's good (or at least good enough), but, as I mentioned before, aesthetics aren't exactly my strong point and I generally tend to ignore them for the most part.

    Sorry if that disappoints you, but I'm more interested in plot, characters and so on (which is one of the stronger points of Turn A, or so I've heard, so hopefully the similarities don't stop with the design).

    1. (I realize replying half a year later is odd, but when curiosity had me coming back and I now realized that you gave back a reply, I feel the need to respond.)

      I don't feel disappointed, Andrew. G Reko then (and now; I had forgotten about it) has been pretty much of an unknown to me story wise, and I share your basic view (I'm assuming) that if it has a crappy story, the best animators and special effects and audio in the world couldn't save it from being crap overall and not worth watching. (In my view, Turn A is anything but crap; it has a good balance of story, characters, aesthetics, etc., but I'll leave others to decide that on their own.)

      I happen to place a little more value on the visual and audio aspects than you, since I wasn't really drawn into mecha anime for the stories in the first place. Don't get me wrong, they're pretty important, but it's just a minor difference between us. *shrug* And since I was (at the time) just asking about your view of it's aesthetics (again, not knowing about G Reko's story), it's fair enough a response from you back then.

  20. I was reading through the interview but the last four pages or so are in thumbnail mode only... could anybody upload the good resolution scan so the text can be read? It is a good interview. :)

  21. this will be done in multiple posts

    here what i think is going to happen it going to gundam something and most likely going to be named gundam reko it going to take place  1000 years after victory gundam in U.C and in the year U.C 1153 sense g saviour no longer canon and the future U.C and sense turn a gundam is not the future of U.C or and other gundam era sense that is impossible according physics this is going to be the real future of universal century. i will not be surprise if he had this in his head before turn a gundam but could not animated it because of three reasons 1 gundam meta series was not at that stage yet it would be ambitious and simply because he did not have not have the material. i think he had outline of it and sense g saviour did not follow it was not canon and sense g saviour was terrible in every way and they like what outline yoshyuki tomino outline better they reclassify every thing that happens happen after U.C 153 as alternate U.C productions. i personally think this is going spen 25 years and be a time skip storyline and it have 120-150 episodes. know for plot in order to make this happen and possible love them or hate them the earth federation and the EFF will be around in some form or another and will be the government and military for all of humanity in order to make it possible they mostly survive by government taking extremely bold actions or most most likely and EFF general did bloodless coup in order to save humanity from chaos after the second government was formed it lead to humanity to golden age and led to terraforming of all of solar system terra formable bodes and invention of faster than light travel and colonization and terraforming planets outside system

    1. That's quite a lot of speculation, in both detail and volume. Personally, I would've preferred if you had considered bunching up sentences into paragraphs for easier reading, but I understand not everyone types and does English grammar perfectly, regardless of their origin or knowledge. *shrug* Please take no offense though, just suggesting, Mr. Feb. Anon.

      That mentioned, it is just speculation. What's worse is that--while nothing's stopping you from doing it--you posted this four months after everyone stopped looking at it. I think it would've been better had you gone to a forum to post this, so more people can see this. Nevertheless, I happen to be one of maybe a couple of people who skimmed through it, and some of the speculation is interesting, but iffy in some of the areas I happened to have read.

      As far as canon-invalidating (which is the main part I've read), I don't think Turn A or others would be invalidated for any reason, and I wouldn't bring up physics as a reason for canon invalidation; physics is why mobile suits are useless military weapons, not why certain Gundam anime could be invalidated by your speculation of what G Reko could be.

      Technically, if there should be canon invalidation going, a lot of UC should be since it's a big, jumbled mess of side stories making the previous ones inconsistent, but nevermind that. As far as G Reko being the "ultimate future of UC" and not "Turn A", it is still incorrect, since in Episode 43 of Turn A, the Universal Century was mentioned as a past period of space wars. (Some of the "historical footage" shown even came from Gundam Wing and Gundam X, and in later episodes schematics of G Gundam mobile fighters were available.) This means that if G Reko would be Universal Century, it would still be far from the ultimate point.

      But the point of Turn A in it's symbol (and practice) was that it would (at the time) encompass all of Gundam, and it did, even in story. Whether Universal Century was still the calendar used or not, Turn X and Turn A changed all that, and it was a distant memory of both Earth and Moon civilization's pasts. And if UC was in Turn A Gundam's past (as vocally spoken of in Episode 43), wouldn't that still make Turn A the ultimate future of UC (let alone AW, AC, and FC)? Nevermind trying to fit the continuity pieces together, since the canon is in the dialogue. *shrug*

      But to give your "canon invalidation" aspect of your speculation some hope, Tomino did create Gaia Gear, which was supposed to be the future of AC. Then Gundam F91 and Victory Gundam came along and undid that. But Gaia Gear was never a true Gundam anime (the closest to it was that it was made into an audio drama).

      Finally, I don't think Tomino would go even up to a hundred and twenty episodes, let alone a hundred and fifty. Maybe a standard fifty as he had always done for past TV Gundam anime (that, in each case, he futilely attempted to make as the final one). *shrug* But a hundred and fifty is a hundred more than what he has attempted before, and that would mean a sudden change of heart; that he sees things how Bandai and Sunrise sees it, and wants to push turning Gundam into Naruto and DBZ (as in further pushing merchandising forward than what's already being done).

      Just thought I'd give some food for thought, incase you would would want to come back and read the blog entry again, Anon. I'll very likely forget about this blog entry once again and focus on the newer ones GG puts out on the latest stuff (the "DBZ/Naruto" angle of sorts, since I do enjoy Gunpla).

    2. I'm sorry but Turn A IS the end point of the Universal Century whether you like it or not. Mankind will reach that conclusion.
      On a further note, it makes sense because G-Reco is more inclined to nuclear devastation; and Turn A had a strong anti-war message. And that nuclear devastation could easily lead to the development of Turn A to "end it all". Also the "queen" that is being birthed can be the direct descendant of Queen Dianna Soriel.

  22. moving on for extra background and lot of likely be reformed and and with a new constitution with they might have had to 3 times during 1000 years and it will have a cosmetic name changes in the name government to sell it and if there were wars it were likely one and were not as serious and as death filled as the one year war the the  political successors of the  federation reinhabited earth once it recovered to add a few billion in it's population and the government than terraformed mars and jupiter and saturn moons and maybe even venus and in 300 -350 years due to there colonies being so successful and governments promotion of population growth started building sides  of there own realizing this could happen over centuries they develop the technology for faster than light travel was develop eventually in the compled in the form of the alcubine drive  or other ftl way. and thus begin the colonization and terrafroming of planets outside system this would go on for 700 years and after the first human civil war reaching 25,000 to a 30,000 lightyears and the colonization of 160,000 worlds and humanity population reach the trillions.

  23. know for events that leading to our current story line

    during humanity golden age lead by the federation

    it's conflicts were mostly minor accept for one major one that resulted that resulted in federation current and forth form where they won the but only after a few billion military dead it left they were force to make with local strong men in the newer colonies who were keeping control of it they would give control of planets they would have pay taxes and supply men to it and follow there laws and human rights and form government were give a lot a leeway over time instead of becoming military juntas most of them became monarchies like zeon and cosmo babaloyn which made federation mad over time they became practically became automous states that were only part of human federation in a few ways other than they were autonomous it eventually became and internal split and internal cold war with federation central government which were made up core and older and and newer colony worlds that were establish after the first human civil war and monarchies faction. the central government and it worlds were more populated and there faction federation forces were more advance and numerous why monarchy faction of federation had enough ability to faction heavy casulties essentially if they went war it would be bad humanity because damage it would suffer

  24. part 2 of the story

    the sides were reaching a breaking point when a young girl lead a successful rebellion against the ruler of the planet and was than crown the new queen she begin preaching due to her naivety her own version known to gundam fans as maria motherly love which she will come to regret and a lot monarchy colonies begin following ideology but she also preesh peace and reconciliation with the central government begin liking it but this cause the central federation along with some of more powerful monarchy colonies to snap partly due to misunderstanding and because anything ideology of maria motherly love be it good or not was considered a serious taboo offense by most of humanity tensions were coming to heal as both faction were taking step like navel reviews and other stuff it look like second human civil war was about to happen but suddenly and finely humanity encounters aliens in form of an alien conglomerate much like covenant from halo made up of multiple aliens to traditional humanoids aliens which  make up most of the members and aliens like ELS which are minority of species which are hard to understand.. the war is started due to fear and lies and corruption and mainly  due to huge misunderstandings due to what there  military they saw there galactic domonice being challenge due to the federation successor states superior technology  and huge military  and the use of minoskey physics in there war machine who ch makes a lot of there war technology extremely ineffective to useless.  this will heavily be inspired by halo due to conspect art that has been release and other things thats what i think happen.

  25. i take it back i think government did extremely bold actions

  26. The mecha design looks....weird. It looks like a stripped down gundam, with some armor here and there. I thought he was gonna take a whole different approach like broken blade or evangelion and others too.What I mean by those two is that they both have their own style. You have to admit that mecha series is partly attracted by the mecha designs. Coming from him I was expecting something out of the box, but I guess he's sticking to a half naked gundam?

  27. I'm looking forward to this! I agree that the Gundam name brings with it too many expectations and strangles creativity.

    An entirely new robot series with Gundam elements? Sounds a bit like Prometheus with the original director coming back to to show those young-uns how its done haha. Space elevators sounds similar to setting of 00...

    I love new sleek slimmed down futuristic look of the mechas. Here's hoping the sponsors let Tomino do what he wants and not compromise his vision.

  28. If its set in far future UC, it would make sense for smaller, more human-like mechas. We see in F91 and Victory that Gundams have become smaller and more efficient.

  29. I hope Tomino is still on his meds.

    1. You do know he will still KILL EM ALL!

    2. He's Happy Tomino now...
      Look at Turn A Gundam & King Gainer... No one dies (except some of the really bad guys)

  30. Speculation is fun. I speculate all the time. Hopes are different. I hope that after a thousand years that the whole ideology of Gundam could be placed on its head. So much of Gundam is about the damage we have done to the planet and the aspect of how mankind changes as we move into outer space. I hope that in a thousand years the earth has healed and that it is a story about the re-colonization of the earth and the struggles for who will control this new Eden.Of course I hope for all sorts of conflict, from those who occupy the earth, or those who wish to control it to those who believe that man should never return to earth.Think about it... what better way to control a recovered earth than to restrict travel to and from the surface with use of regulated and controlled space elevators? I hope for a "Truetype", a Newtype who is no longer new, a power that is centuries old and almost completely understood. Just think: a story where the fulfillment of Zeon Zum Deikun's Newtype philosophy can actually come true... and mankind can completely understand one another.

  31. Wow looks awesome tomino. Wanted a apocalyptic gundam series for a long ass time now and we finally get one(excluding after war cuz it was cancelled-

  32. Chief Director: Yoshiyuki TOMINO


  33. Whoo! Tomino! Tomino!

  34. @Gundam Guy, note from ANN

  35. i am in love with that spear weapon thing

  36. i swear to god it seems like half you did'n't fucking read the article. bunch of retards.

  37. I want so bad. It looks like the evolution of Gundam is finally coming. Gundam is out dated and a old idea, it's time to move on.

    1. Interesting comment to happen upon over a year later... Gundam still looks to be alive and well with it's "outdated and old" ideas that seem to be doing well for Bandai and Sunrise (such as Unicorn), has tried a new concept that can simultaneously cater to nostalgia (Build Fighters), and will try out new ideas once again with G-Reko; now merged with the "old and outdated" title of Gundam and is now named "G no Reconquista".

      Not to say your comment is invalid or completely bad, Anon. And while a year is not a long time to judge upon, I still don't think it's anywhere close to dying as it continues with some of it's old stuff (again, Unicorn and the upcoming Origin) while trying new things (like BF and now this). Besides, it's not unlike here in North America where we recycle everything to the point where everything old is new again Some of it does well, and some of it doesn't.

      And as a fandom of Gundam, I wish for it to do well with it's old and new ideas. If you don't, then fine. *shrug* I'm sure you'd feel better going to something new (or something you think is new) and enjoying it.

    2. "...And as a fandom of Gundam,"

      I meant as a fan, but since I discovered that I made that mistake after the fact, I'm now trying to imagine how I can be an entire fandom. *shrug* Weird typo/mistake, but yeah; I meant as a fan (rather than a group of fans).

  38. Please made Gundam Movie , not a ANIME gundam Movie thank you!


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