Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Odaiba Gundam Front Tokyo Will Begin Ticket Sales March 1st! [Ticket Reservation Info]

Odaiba Gundam Front Tokyo will begin ticket sales March 1!
For those that are interested to visit Gundam Front, you need to read this info...
(Info translated by Mecha Guy)
Odaiba's Diver City Tokyo Plaza is scheduled to be opened on April 19th. At the 7th floor, Gundam Front Tokyo's tickets will be sold. Details to obtain the tickets were revealed. On the first of each month, a reservations will be held via the web and on the 15th, tickets will be sold to the public. Ticket will be sold at Ticket Pia (http://t.pia.jp/) and Seven Ticket only. The tickets will not be sold at the Gundam Front Tokyo box office.
Reservation:Prices will be 1000 yen for adult and 800 for child.
Reservation will be accepted on the first of every month from Noon to 5th 11:59pm.
To make a reservation, you will need an account to Ticket Pia.
There will be a special processing fees (210) and handling fees (105 yen)
Total for adult will be 1315 yen.
Public sales:Prices will be the 1000 yen for adult and 800 for child.
Purchase can be made via Ticket Pia and Seven Ticket.
Tickets will be sold on the 15th of each month from 10am
Each ticket will incur a handling fee of 106
Total for adult will be 1105 yen.
You should be able to purchase the following month's tickets but for March you may purchase tickets for April and May.
You may purchase up to 5 tickets per reservation.
Tickets will have designated entrance times. If you arrive late, your tickets will be considered forfeited.
Entrance times are set via lottery.
Admission times are from 10am to 10pm. Weekends and holidays open hours are 9am - 10pm.
ickets are for the 'fee only' zone so you are welcome to visit the 'free' zones.

Image via Famitsu


  1. About the spot between Core fighter and Museum Space... Does it say RG 1/1 ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom Gundam? o.O

    1. is it just a 1/1 freedom bust =3=

    2. fix* 1/1 Strike Freedom bust

  2. yes it does, if my eyes don't fail me... so the next 1/1 would be Strike Freedom?? =)

  3. Can anyone help me? I live in Japan and am trying to figure out how exactly to buy these tickets XD I don't speak Japanese so that makes everything infinitely harder...If I'm reading this correctly, are the public tickets only sold at Seven Ticket once a month? That's odd...


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