Thursday, January 12, 2012

MG 1/100 Gundam Heavyarm EW Ver. - Updated Large Images

MG 1/100 Gundam Heavyarm EW Ver. (Release Date: Jan 26th 2012, Price: 3800 yen)


  1. Y'know, I'm not much of a fan of Gundam Wing stuff (Universal Century all the way, baby), but I gotta say that is one of the coolest box-arts I've ever freaking seen. This is certainly one of Wing's stronger designs, and I'm almost tempted to get this MG.

  2. in the first pic... does it mean that when the gatling gun runs out of bullets Heavy arms scuttles its left arm to reveal a beam saber?

  3. Yes, dude. It's Heero Yuy's modify

  4. It seems the gatling gun can be used seperately as shown in most pics, but there are also some pics showing the gattling gun attached to the lower arm like the TV version and the beamdaber is likely inside it instead of the left lower arm.
    Never liked the Heavyarms in the show, but this... I must have it.

  5. SO glad they added the beam saber mod from the show. so bad ass.

  6. THIS.. IS.. MUST.. BUY..

  7. J&J Feel Good Inc.January 10, 2012 at 7:21 AM

    Heero Yuy modified the HeavyArms cuz he's an incompetent pilot! I didn't recall Trowa ever ran out of bullets (except in Endless Waltz), and Heero's suit was almost always get bashed or self-destructed.
    Anyway I'm getting this!

  8. Actually, Trowa did modify the Heavyarms

  9. Yup, Trowa told Heero before he fought Zechs in Antartica that if the ran out of bullets, then he could detach the gatling gun on the left arm

  10. To Feel Good Inc.

    Trowa has ran out of bullets in the anime. In the episode where he meets Quatre for the first time (also the only time Quatre uses his Crosscrusher, which was a cool weapon, too) he runs out of bullets and Quatre and the Magnuac Corps save his ass from OZ's Specials. He also runs out of ammo in the episode where he, Heero, and Noin are first traveling to Antarctica, Trowa fights against OZ as he is the only one strong enough (Heero was still recovering from his self-detonation act and didn't possess his Wing Gundam) to do so. That's the episode Trowa kills that Acht guy using his "Tornado Attack" with the army knife.

    Also, none of the Gundam pilots are incompetent pilots. They all specialize in specific forms of combat. Trowa was ballistics and suppression fire, whereas Heero was a more well-rounded pilot, but preferred one-on-one duels. Trowa modified the Heavy Arms for Heero because Heero's left arm was still injured wanted to give Heero a fair chance against Zechs. Also, the only reason why Heero's suits always got beat to hell was because Heero was the most suicidal of all the pilots and only focused on getting the mission done at any cost. Even his life.


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