Monday, August 22, 2011

GG's Old Dream of Being a Gundam Strategy Game Designer....

Reading the post below about the Mobile Suit Gundam Jabro board game actually brought back memories of a project I was working on awhile back, when I was designing a mod for a Gundam strategy game.  I appropriately named the project 'Gundam Tactics', a modified hexagonal strategy game for the PC.  Though never finished due to my busy work schedule, but I was pretty close.  Here are some screenshots:
In-Game Screenshots
Action Cards (To perform action such as bringing in reinforcements, etc.)
Unit Stats & Descriptions
Research New Tech
In-Game Event & Bonuses
Game Scenario Intro
Images from G.G.


  1. That is a mighty big and ambitious project.... too bad about it not being released

  2. wow! this is some complex thinking behind the game designing.. would be nice if you can find a game company to work with. and actually release it. =D

  3. i wouldnt give up on it man. looks like it has potential. id hate to see all your efforts wasted. just chip away at it over time. and make it short!

  4. this game looks pretty epic! i hope you dont give up on it and eventually release it!

  5. i wish i could play it after see those screenshot

  6. This is just incredibly awesome. It's a shame you never managed to finish it, but I think you could just gradually complete more of it until it eventually culminates into a final version.

    That aside, great job! It looks really cool! I can tell you put a fair amount of work into it. (Also, I love how the Nu Gundam is pictured; I'm a Nu Gundam and Amuro fanboy :3)

  7. And why not to opensource it? If you are going to let all of your work go to waste just like that, you could as well open the development to the world and let other people finish it, I'm sure some other fans would love to help.

    It was looking pretty good, so it would be a shame to drop it

  8. Wow, it looks like it was awesome man :)


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