Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Looks like Bandai (Bandai-Asia) will also be hosting a promotion event for a lottery draw campaign to reward their gunpla fans with gunpla prizes.  This campaign is only available for folks in Singapore, Malyasia, Indonesia, Phillippines, Australia, USA, Canada & Italy. 
To enter the contest, just purchase any selected Gunpla model kit between July 16th - Sept. 28th 2011, and you will get a "Gunpla X promotion campaign" card with a serial number on it.  Selected gunpla series will include: Sangokuden, Gundam Wing, Unicorn Gundam, Gunpla Builders, and other new items w/ special sticker labeled on the box.
For further info, just visit their promotion page.  Is a great opportunity to win some really great prizes, so don't miss out!

The prizes are as follow:
1st Place Winners (1-5 Winners) - FOUR in ONE Perfect Grade Gift Set
2nd Place Winners (3-5 winners) - SIX in ONE Master Grade Gift Set
3rd Place Winners (70 winners) - Gundam Perfect Tool Set
5000 other winners will receive special prizes


  1. Do we have to buy the kit from a specific website?

  2. ...
    I just bought 11 MGs. 2 weeks ago.

  3. A few questions:

    1) Buying gunpla through website or just any toy/model market?

    2)when they said gundam wing & unicron gundam, does it include MG Series?

    3)How to identify "Special Sticker Label"?

  4. I also have quite a few questions myself. Like if we could submit more than one entry.

    I will try to find out more from my HK & local sources. And perhaps post a FAQ for this post.

  5. (from blog)
    "There should be a larger, more official announcement regarding the North American end around the time of San Diego Comic Con.

    You can now receive a serial card number when you purchase Gunpla at certain retailers... HobbyTown USAs within the United States will be getting the cards as they do business with Bluefin Distribution, who is helping with the promotion of the this campaign."

  6. Also, participating kits should have a special sticker on them.

  7. Yes, our store GG Infinite will be getting these kits as well. And we will list them as special promo ones on our store.

  8. Has anyone else figured out how to check to see if they've won? I bought 3 gunpla and registered all 3 codes, but despite the "October 17" date on the Bandai page, there is no way that I can see to check.



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