Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fun To Build Gunpla! (Video) w/ Katsumi Kawaguchi-Sensei

This Fun to build Gunpla! video, hosted by Katsumi Kawaguchi-sensei is a pretty good visual tutorial for those who are new to building gunpla.  Is a broad stroke approach to some of the basic skills required to complete a gunpla kit, but it does a fine job in showing the viewer some useful techniques.  Even if you are an advance gunplar, this video is still worthy to check out!
Kawaguchi-san is pretty much the driving force behind Bandai's strategy team for their hobby products division.  His 'Origin' began as a model builder who later became a professional enjoying a successful career at Bandai Co., Ltd.  Kawaguchi-san is now consider a living god among gunpla fans.  But he doesn't sit high above out of reach from us common gunplars.  Kawaguchi-san is actually quite approachable and friendly to all his fans.  And just like us, he frequently browse thru various gunpla websites / blogs to see how gunpla is reaching out to the world.  In recent communication with Kawaguchi-san, he even mentioned that he is a frequent visitor at our Gundam Guy blog.  That's quite a boost of morale for us here, as we are trying to do our best to spread our love for Gundam to the english speaking crowds.       
Video from Gundam.Info


  1. A very informative video...

    "In recent communication with Kawaguchi-san, he even mentioned that he is a frequent visitor at our Gundam Guy blog."



  2. lol at cotton butt :))

  3. He might be reading this post :D. Thanks for the tips Kawaguchi-san! Please make many more videos. They are quite enjoyable :)

  4. I agree he is really friendly. I've got quite a few tips from him on his facebook :)

    Thanks Kawaguchi-san! :D

  5. This video made me want to get into Gunpla!

  6. Kawaguchi lives up to his reputation! Very informative video, and he just seems like a generally pleasant person. :3

  7. Give me some gunpla love..... Awesome video...

  8. what paint can i use in hand painting a gunpla can anyone advice me im a beginner in gunpla world thanks in advance


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