Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gundam Browser Wars

"Gundam Browser Wars" on Yahoo! Mobage commences Recruitment and Special Orders events!

Gundam Browser Wars, now available on Yahoo! Mobage, commences Recruitment and Special Orders events! In the Recruitment promotion, new players will receive items worth 1,000 Mobacoins. And in Special Orders, event-only missions and EX Bosses can be challenged for special blueprints and titles!

■ Recruitment begins!
New Gundam Browser Wars players get a gift basket and new in-game functions!

▼ 1,000 Mobacoins worth of presents! (Limited-time offer)
Each player who signs up during the event receives items worth 1,000 Mobacoins!

Basket contents
・"Movement Refill Tool (Military-issue)" x2 (value 200 Mobacoins)
・"Minovsky Particles (double density)" x2 (value 600 Mobacoins)
・"Suit Customizer (Military-issue)" x2 (value 200 Mobacoins)

 Play your way through the new tutorial!

New tutorial (Zeon / Federation)
The new tutorial steeps players in Gundam lore while easing them into the game!

 "Beginner's Sets" to make the game even more fun!
First-time Mobacoin buyers can purchase a set of items worth 500 Mobacoins for only 100 instead! The perfect purchase for players who want to take their game to the next level but just aren't sure what to buy!

Beginner's Set contents
・"Movement Refill Tool (Military-issue)" (value 100 Mobacoins)
・"Minovsky Particles (double density)" (value 300 Mobacoins)
・"Suit Customizer (Military-issue)" (value 100 Mobacoins)
After June 21st maintenance - June 28th maintenance (planned for 2:00 PM)
 ※ Purchases remain usable after event.

For more info, visit the Recruitment page.

 Get exclusive blueprints and titles from the Special Orders event!
Special Orders are missions only available for a limited time. By completing these missions and shooting down the EX Bosses who appear during them, players can gain event-only blueprints. EX Bosses have three power levels, and the higher the level, the more likely a blueprint drop. Plus, three-star EX Bosses give exclusive titles when defeated!

[Event period]
After June 21st maintenance - June 28th maintenance (planned for 2:00 PM)

Rewards for "Special Order 06"
Blueprint: Gundam Ground Type [GM Head] (Karen Joshua's)
Title: Fire Support

Blueprint: MS-06RP Zaku II High Mobility Test Type (Elliot Lem's)
Title: Speedy Sniper

For more info, visit the Special Order page.

Gundam Browser Wars
[Supported OS]
Windows XP / Vista / 7
MacOS X v10.4 / v10.5 / v10.6
[Supported Browsers]
Windows: Internet Explorer 7.0+ / Firefox 3.0+
MacOS: Safari 4.0+

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