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 Upcoming Gundam Wing EW Gunpla PV (HERE)
Upcoming Gundam Wing EW Gunpla Info:
 Gundam W Frozen Teadrop novel info
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  1. Man, they really hate the orinal versions don't they. I just hope that a heavenly light will shine down on us and we'll get Master Grades of the original versions one day..

  2. @russotomask
    Why does everyone assume that Bandai hates the TV designs? They just released the Wing Gundam MG, didn't they!? If anything, they're getting the EW versions out of the way (seeing as they never had models in the FIRST PLACE!), and doing the TV versions later.
    I understand that (apparently) no one likes Katoki or his designs (Explain Gundam UC, then), but just be patient.

  3. I love every one of the Kai EW Gundams, except for Wing Gundam Kai and Wing Zero Custom....Never were really designs that appealed to me. I cannot wait for HeavyArms Kai though!

  4. I assume because the tv versions only got mediocre HGs, ONE made it to MG, and yet all five of the ver kas are going straight to MG (with wing maybe being the exception). Also the EWs had models. There was a whole HG line for them, they even gave us the Serpent and Tallgeese 2. But of course, an HG is still an HG so they fall apart on my desk.. a lot.


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