Monday, November 29, 2010

SD Gundam G Generation World (PSP/Wii) - Announced (Edited)

SD Gundam G Generation World - PSP/Wii  (Release Date: Feb. 24th, 2011, Price: 6090 Yen)

List of Series Includes:
  • Mobile Suit Gundam
  • 「MSV」
  • 「MSX」
  • MS Igloo – The Hidden One Year War
  • 0079
  • Mobile Suit Gundam – The 08th MS Team「機動戦士ガンダム第08MS小隊」
  • Mobile Suit Gundam – The Blue-Destiny
  • Zeonic Front Mobile Suit Gundam 0079
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story The End of a Flash
  • Mobile Suit 0080 – War in the Pocket
  • Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 STARDUST MEMORY
  • Advance of Z – Under the Banner of Titans
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Z
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Z Theatrical Version
  • Z-MSV
  • Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ
  • Mobile Suit Gundam – Char’s Counterattack
  • 「CCA-MSV」
  • 「M-MSV」
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway’s Flash
  • Mobile Suit Gundam F90
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Silhouette Formula F91
  • Mobile Suit Gundam F91」
  • 「F91-MSV」
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Crossbone Gundam
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Crossbone Gundam - Skull Heart
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Crossbone Gundam – Steel Seven
  • Mobile Suit Gundam V
  • Mobile Fighter G Gundam
  • New Mobile Report Gundam W
  • New Mobile Report Gundam W – Endless Waltz
  • After War Gundam X
  • Turn A Gundam
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Seed
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Seed ASTRAY
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Seed X ASTRAY
  • Mobile Suit Gundam DESTINY
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Seed C.E.73 STARGAZER
  • SD Gundam  Gasphon Wars
  • SD Gundam GX
  • Mobile Suit Gundam – Gihren’s Ambition
  • Mobile Suit Gundam CROSS DIMENSION 0079 – Lost Wars Chronicles
  • Mobile Suit Gundam – Bonds of the Battlefield
  • G Generation Original
  • Gundam 00
  • Gundam 00 'A Wakening of the Trailblazer'
  • SD Gundam Sangokuden (NICE!)
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  1. OH MY GOD.
    isn't that list is like, almost every single Gundam series out there!? (except Sangokuden)
    I mean, Gihren no Yabou series!? Gundam Senki series!? Almost every MSV & Side Stories of UC!?

    This is truly most wonderful, thx for the news!! XD

  2. Haha man, you forgot to list Gundam 00 and Gundam 00 - A wakening of a trailblazer.

  3. Oh wow that's a lot. But I heard the story combines all the series or something. Correct me if I'm wrong.

  4. So... basically... every Gundam anything in existence is in this game?! (Well... except for Gunpla Builders & 0081 that is...)

    Ultimate Gundam game confirmed

  5. well the bad thing is that i dontthink they have the frist season of the 00

  6. Here's the thing though, will the Wii version have better Graphics & more content? I'd love to get the PSP version, but if there's more to it on the Wii, then I need to look into a Japanese Wii or a way to play Japanese games on my US Wii.

  7. well psp has the portability along with no region lock. also while wii does have better graphics, its still not hd or anything.

  8. O M G Finally a new g gen game for psp. i was getting tired of g gen portable. i cant wait :D

  9. Will the psp have all the gundams and same fighting CGI scenes like the wii?
    also will the psp have the little models on normal view? or just the heads likes G Generation portable?

  10. im bored at ggen port

  11. No Unicorn Gundam Series? Aw, would've been nice to control a Sinanju.

  12. Gundam Unicorn is included


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