Sunday, October 10, 2010

Robot Damashii (Side MS) GM Sniper II - Photo Gallery

I had recently acquired the Robot Damashii (Side MS) GM Sniper II.... Today, I took it out to play and I thought I would share some photo images of it.  =)
 By GG


  1. Dank for an RD this looks really good! The paint job is nice and flat ^^

  2. @chubbybots: Yeah I like this figure a lot. I took one from my stock and keep it. =)

  3. Finally GM sniper 2 !! Bandai should released it long ago on HG, MG !! And at some reasons many good ms never was released as ordinary grade kits....

  4. Got this bad boy last week. I am a big fan of it. The GM Sniper II has got to be my favorite incarnation of the GM line. I only wish it came with a secondary weapon maybe a 90 mm machine gun or something. I also wish Japan releases kept with the panel lining. Really glad I got it though.


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