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G.F.F.N Full Armor Unicorn Gundam - Photo Gallery / Review

G.F.F.N Full Armor Unicorn Gundam - Review  GG INFINITE: In Stock
In Full Armor Mode, the psychoframe of the Unicorn Gundam changes from its regular reddish-pink color, to a vibrant green. This mode also introduces a large array of weapons, which can be added to the backpack and forearms. Aside from the change in psychoframe color, the transformation of Unicorn Gundam into Full Armor Mode is identical to that of its transformation into Destroy Mode. Full Armor Destroy Mode allows the Unicorn Gundam to take control of an enemy's psycommu weapons for a much greater period of time then the Unicorn Gundam's destroy mode.
The Unicorn Gundam is outfitted with a highly customized beam rifle designed with an energy condenser, mirroring the output of large mega-particle cannons. Normally, It functions like an ordinary beam rifle, but utilizes a special E-cap magazine mechanism to produce mega-particle cannon yield at the expense of an entire E-cap battery. The Unicorn Gundam is outfitted with 5 spare customized E-Pacs on its backpack.  
The shield that Unicorn Gundam uses houses an I-Field barrier generator; feature only operational in Destroy mode.
Hyper Bazooka is a standard-issue equipment to all Earth Federation Mobile Suits. However, its length vaires between Unicorn Gundam's two modes. Fed with 6-round magazines.  The Full Armor Unicorn Gundam's hyper bazooka are outfitted with addtional missles launchers & grenade launchers.  Packs quite a punch.
Each forearm stores a beam saber. In Destroy Mode, two additional beam sabers deploy from the backpack.
The new array of weapons includes two backpack-mounted hyper bazookas, missile pods, forearm-mounted gatling guns, and two additional shields, one on the backpack and the other on the right forearm. The backpack also features dual large "long-booster" systems to compensate for the increased mass, with the spare shield situated between them.  
The G.F.F.N Full Armor Unicorn Gundam is truly a nice piece of desktop display.  If you are a UC era fans, this toy begs to be in your collection.  But as with any G.F.F.N line figures...they are usually quite flimsy and not very posable, and this figure is no exception.  It is also to be noted that the Unicorn Gundam cannot be transformed into Unicorn mode, and I am glad they designed it this way, or else a simple touch could cause the whole figure to fall apart.  But as a desk piece, this figures is a sight to behold with a great paint job, nicely drawn panel lines & decals.  I can't help but to turn my head to marvel at it again.
Photo by G.G.
Some info from Gundam.wikia


  1. Hmm did the accessories for this can fit to HGUC Unicorn too?

  2. You could do that with minor mods to the HGUC Unicorn, plus smart use of glue. But I think the HGUC Unicorn waist joint probably cannot handle the weights of all the accessories.

  3. how big is it? as big as an MG or a 1/144 HG?

  4. thank you G.G.! anyway, any news about MG heavyarms's release date?

  5. love the action base of this, hope there's one for the MG :))


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